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Do you want to erase bad memories? Scientists have found the solution

Who among us does not want to erase the bad and sad situations and stations that he went through and that remained trapped in his memory? It has become possible as a number of scientists have discovered a protein that can be modified to change people’s feelings or erase their bad memories. Such as those related to names, places and events, and instinctive memory related to emotions or skills.

Scientists suggest that instinctive memories can be modified, which may help people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

And scientists from the University of Cambridge concluded that there is a protein called “shank” that acts as a support for receptors that determine the strength of communication between different neurons, and as a result, any degradation of this protein may help erase and modify some Memories.

Do you want to erase bad memories?  Scientists have found the solution

This may be done by using chemical compounds called beta-blockers, which are used in some medicines to treat high blood pressure, migraine headaches, angina and irregular heart rhythms.

The team conducted an experiment on a number of mice, where they were trained The mice were asked to click on a specific device, and then this device was attached to an electric stun, as the mice felt afraid to approach it afterwards.

The scientists gave the mice certain doses of beta-blockers, and then they repeated the experiment Once again, they found that the mice had no memory of the taser, but rather tapped on the device without fear.

Dr Amy Melton, who led the Cambridge team of scientists, said: “These are really complex mechanisms, and we have to put in place Keep in mind that our experiment was conducted on animals only and has not yet been tested in humans. Human brains are similar to mice brains, but they are definitely more complex.”

Milton indicated that they hope to be able to conduct their experiment on a number of PTSD patients in particular, stressing that if they are Ensuring the validity of their results on these patients, as this may help support them psychologically and reduce cases of depression and suicide.

Do you want to erase bad memories?  Scientists have found the solution

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