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Do you want secure email? Here are 5 best solutions

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In the course of the evolution of the Internet, countless forms of communication have already failed, but email has been doing its job for more than half a century: the first message still familiar with the [email protected]év.com structure was sent in 1971, on the ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet) . Much has changed over this time, for example, today the need to protect our data has increased significantly.

Users who care about their own security are also thinking about protecting their messages in addition to strong passwords or VPN clients. Unfortunately, most popular free email providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo don’t. On the one hand, none of them use end-to-end encryption, and Google also scans the content of our emails in order to display personalized ads based on it. In addition, the companies mentioned do not have a very exemplary certification when it comes to data breaches, so those who are sensitive to such things would do well to specifically look for a service that emphasizes data protection. Let’s see what are the best options!

The Proton brand has been synonymous with online security since 2013: the company was founded by scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN. Based in Switzerland, where data protection is taken seriously, it’s no coincidence that many consider ProtonMail to be the best provider of secure email.

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