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Display | This is how you put your most unique product in the limelight: your voice

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Your biggest USP? Your voice! Here you can find out how you can professionalize your content creation in no time and produce audio in studio quality without incurring expenses.

The human voice is a phenomenon. Like an auditory fingerprint, it makes us who we are and conveys a lot more than mere words. Due to the endless possibilities of intonation and articulation, it is as unique as the person behind it, especially in combination with language and choice of words, and, in addition to content, it conveys emotions and sympathies in particular. Modern psychology has found that a person’s voice can have significant effects on the competence and intelligence perceived by the other person and even allows conclusions to be drawn about physical body characteristics.

Audio chases the video Star

The influence of the human voice can be found in the current rise of audio formats: For example, the consumption of podcast formats in Germany has increased in the last five years proportionally by more than 100 percent. This trend can also be observed in the area of ​​live streaming: The demand via Twitch, Facebook or Youtube grew by over 90 percent in one year.

A clear signal for all content creators: There has never been a better time to launch or promote your own format – not only because of increasing demand, but also through the significantly simplified access to professional hardware and software.

Professional equipment for content -Creator

Because the rapid rise of podcasts and streams can also be achieved through a new generation of content creation e clarify: Gone are the days when professional audio recordings required sinfully expensive equipment and the field had to be left to a few players – today everyone can produce from their own four walls and carry their own voice into the world.

This enables creatives of all kinds to create exactly the content they want – and that the target group wants to hear. From niche indie game streams to special interest podcasts, every idea can be implemented at any time and from practically anywhere, in top quality and with just a few simple steps.

Studio quality and plug – & – play combined: USB microphones from Blue

Regardless of whether for streaming via Twitch, your Youtube channel or podcasting: With the USB microphones from Blue you get the hearing that you and your content deserve – thanks to audio in the best broadcast quality, smart features and simple operation. Simply connect it, position it using the table stand supplied, connect the headphones to the microphone and get started right away. For those who want to give their voice the final touch, Blue supplies the right audio suite with versatile filters and effects.

Ein USB-Mikrofon mit einem Tischstativ auf einem Schreibtisch platziert; im Hintergrund ein Monitor, eine Tastatur sowie eine Pflanze

Nice to see, easy to use and equipped with perfect sound: the Yeti range from Blue. (Photo: Blue)

Versatile and professional: The Yeti range from Blue

With the Yeti series from Blue you are well prepared for any scenario: Thanks Lateral speakerphone, three-capsule technology and four directional characteristics that can be switched directly on the microphone, it adapts to you and every conceivable scenario – whether solo recording, interview or larger discussion group. The pre-amplification can also be adjusted directly using the haptic controller on the microphone. The latency-free headphone output also allows you to listen to your recording live and thus offer your audience a perfect audio experience.

Filters, effects and more: Advanced Blue VO! CE

Also the appropriate software is Also included: The free software upgrade Advanced Blue VO! CE is an audio suite specially designed for the needs of the Yeti series and developed by the audio engineers at Blue Microphones with a variety of filter and processing options, effects and HD audio -Samples – including many presets and a sampler for your own creations. This way you can make your content even better, more unique and more creative in no time at all.

Ein Screenshot der Audio-Software von Blue

The free audio suite comes with every Yeti product: Blue Vo! ce from Blue Microphones (Image: Blue)

You want professional audio recordings for your content without having to dig deep into your pocket? Then trust the world’s number 1 for premium USB microphones.

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