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Display | SAP consultant: Become a member of Deloitte: Achieve the project goal with swarm intelligence

Companies should regularly answer the following key questions for themselves: How can business processes be better organized and optimized? How can costs be reduced, existing business areas expanded and new business models developed? For many large medium-sized and DAX-listed companies there is digital pressure to act. The introduction of a modern ERP system such as SAP S / 4HANA is an urgent strategic topic for many of them.

If the choice falls on SAP S4 / HANA as the supporting ERP system for the business Transformation, you need competent consultants who tailor the software to individual needs. One of them is Daniel Wagener. He has been with SAP Services at Deloitte for five years – an area that has been recognized as a SAP Platinum Partner due to many successfully implemented projects. “Some think that our 700 or so colleagues must all be computer nerds. Instead, we use a multidisciplinary approach to develop a holistic strategy with the customer on how he would like to position himself in his organization and process landscape in the future. “

Deloitte colleague: inside having coffee in the Deloitte Digital Studio in Düsseldorf. (Photo: Deloitte; taken before the outbreak of the pandemic)

Work where others go on vacation



Deloitte is one of the world’s leading auditing and consulting companies. Under the motto “Making an impact that matters”, around 330,000 employees in over 150 countries pursue a common goal every day: to do something that counts – for customers, for one another and for society.

Daniel came to the SAP team at Deloitte through a student management consultancy. Here the graduate found the team spirit and the ease that he was looking for. “Everyone here is very motivated and open-minded. Through open exchange, we help each other to improve again and again. We live from swarm intelligence in our projects. ”

He was certainly also convinced by the dream start on a rollout project in Milan. “I worked where other people go on vacation. One or the other meeting has already been held over a good espresso. ”

The option of working abroad for a while is not uncommon in the SAP Services area. If a large company opts for a SAP-based business transformation, a two-phase approach is often followed. First, a template with the most important core processes is defined and implemented in the mostly German headquarters. In a second phase, this template is rolled out bit by bit in the plants at other locations in Germany and abroad – both phases are accompanied by SAP consultants, at Deloitte more than a quarter of them are women.

The fact that pure tech experts are not in demand here can also be seen in the skill set and the experience that talents should bring: Relevant industry and professional experience is at the top of the list. For example, anyone who works for a consumer goods manufacturer, OEM, automotive supplier or healthcare or life science company and knows the processes in one of the areas of finance, controlling, sales, purchasing, logistics, production or quality management well, is attractive to the SAP team . Because expertise with the software can be built up relatively quickly in training. In return, customer orientation, strong communication skills, integrative thinking and the ability to work in a team are something that future SAP consultants should definitely have in their luggage.

Project meeting in the conference room in Deloitte’s Düsseldorf office. (Photo: Deloitte; taken before the outbreak of the pandemic)

Successful projects, knowledge sharing and more

Daniel is working due to his experience in projects in which the processes from order creation through delivery to invoicing are to be mapped in SAP – also called order to cash. Since these are usually complex supply chains, the processes are first considered in workshops together with the customers. Daniel takes up the requirements and advises on where processes can be optimized so that the SAP solution is ultimately tailored to the individual customer needs. Once the future processes are clear, he starts to describe functional designs according to customer requirements. “This means that the developer teams in the build phase then know what to do.” Daniel joins in again during the test phase. If everything goes smoothly, the project approaches the cut-over and go-live.

The successful completion of a project is always something special and can be celebrated with pleasure. Daniel has already been to rafting, karting and other cool team events with the entire project team. But Deloitte also offers opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange outside of projects, depending on the pandemic situation. “In our area, we meet in a different European city about every 1.5 years. In addition to specialist lectures on important innovations, mutual exchange and fun are in the foreground. “

Entrance area of ​​the Deloitte office in Düsseldorf. (Photo: Deloitte)

In the project work itself, a lot was different for Daniel during the pandemic: He often worked remotely from home instead of how used to being with customers four days a week. Now and then he also goes to the Düsseldorf office – one of 15 Deloitte locations in Germany. He reserves a workplace in advance using an app. During the breaks, he meets up with his colleagues over coffee. Almost like back then in Italy.

SAP Services at Deloitte

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