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Display | Make it happen: Create more space for innovation through higher productivity

Display |  Make it happen: Create more space for innovation through higher productivity

A medium-sized company emerged as a role model in terms of digital change: The family company Mister ATZ mastered the path to becoming the market leader as well A mouthpiece and platform for independent car dealerships in Germany. However, there was also a downside to success, as productivity and efficiency, on the other hand, did not develop to the same extent over time. Changes had to be made.

Productivity as a key factor

For some time now, Salesforce has been functioning as a reliable database in the company, in which absolutely all tools relevant to customer processes can be integrated. All data from sales, marketing and customers are received here and essential processes are automated. This leaves more time for the essential things that advance the company. The result: a shift towards more productivity and more space for promising innovations in digitization. But how do you actually achieve higher productivity and thereby create space for more innovation? In the following, we will introduce you to five crucial tips that will also boost productivity in your company:

1. Invest in the right tools

As a basis, you should think about possible tools that make your processes simpler: By investing in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, you can, for example, simplify many business processes and relieve your team in sales, marketing and customer service. This gives you valuable time that you can use for essential, more important tasks. A cloud-based CRM platform i is also suitable for smaller companies, as it is cost-efficient and flexibly adapts to any future growth step.

2. Use mobile technologies

Does your team work mobile? Give them the opportunity to stay connected at all times: Mobile applications and tools for online collaboration ensure smooth communication – without a flood of e-mails that (if we’re honest) often hinder workflows. Your field staff can, for example, use a mobile app to easily record the status of a deal via their smartphone and thus inform everyone in the team in real time.

Flexible and mobile: Your team should always be able to work efficiently regardless of location. For example with the Salesforce Mobile App. (Image: Shutterstock / Jelena Zelen)

3. Link data

By bringing all your relevant data together in one place, you have a central source of information that your teams from marketing, sales and co. can access. You always have everything to do with your existing customers and the status of your company in focus. The 360-degree view not only helps you to get to know your existing customers better, but also to gain a new insight that you would not have received before: In addition to the current data, you also have the opportunity to meet new customers with new data insights to win. On this basis, for example, you can control your regular acquisition measures much more precisely.

4. Create reports easily

The creation of reports is often an annoying time waster reports are one of the easiest for you to automate. A good CRM can do this work for you with just a few clicks and you have more time for the more important things.

5. Intelligent processes

How do you recognize a good CRM system? It is characterized by the user-friendly automation of tasks. For example, every time sales get a new lead, the CRM system could add a handy reminder to the calendar for a call in five days. This will help your sales team to communicate more intelligently.

How can you put it all into practice now?

More productivity also offers more space for innovations, for example in the process of digital transformation. With the use of the right tools, you set the course in your company towards the future and growth. A good CRM system in particular can act as a central pillar for corporate success. When it comes to choosing a reliable CRM system, a strong partner like Salesforce is ideal: The company offers you a wide range of services and support in matters of CRM and process optimization . The many free demo videos from Salesforce, which can support you on the way to more innovations.

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