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What makes NAS so indispensable?

Where large companies have their own IT department, In order to ensure that the technology runs smoothly, the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized companies are often there with little budget, know-how and manpower. Problems with the IT have to be solved as quickly as possible, especially for remote teams, in order to prevent work stoppages.

The solution: Network Attached Storage (NAS). Such a server can be integrated into existing technical structures and managed without any IT knowledge. With a NAS, in addition to pure data storage, you have a range of smart software at hand to simplify teamwork, set up a business cloud, automate backups and host your own mail server.

Working together safely: The private cloud as central data storage



Synology NAS offers innovative backup solutions, practical office tools and many other license-free solutions for private and business customers – from multimedia hubs to video surveillance.

How to add internal company data such as contact details, contracts, plans or Excel -Save files in compliance with GDPR and at the same time make them available to all employees in the home office? Saving data on your own computers is not an option, and external cloud services are also questionable under data protection law and too expensive in the long run. Therefore, a private cloud is the only solution to securely work together.

The leading NAS providers combine high-performance data storage with numerous free office tools in the private business cloud: The private business cloud enables that all employees can access the same data pool and collaborate in real time on presentations, tables and text documents.

This means that folders or files are synchronized across locations, and earlier versions are also quickly restored. The data is available on the computer and via the app on smartphones and tablets.

(Image: Synology)

In good hands with the right backup software

Ransomware, hacker attacks or simply carelessness: important documents and confidential data can easily be lost, if only they saved locally. Regular backups are therefore always useful, but also a challenge for companies that work with multiple physical servers and clouds. Smart backup software for hybrid environments solves this problem.

At a glance: Your advantages of NAS backups

  • A central console manages and monitors all data backup tasks.
  • The storage space consumption of the data backup is reduced by incremental backups and global deduplication technology.

  • Lightning-fast recovery of data, if any are lost.

How to find the right NAS

Every company is different. Therefore, the NAS system should be selected based on your individual requirements. Not only the size of the company plays a role, but also the application scenarios. Depending on the provider, there is free support and the option of next business day exchange and an extra long guarantee are available. In some models for small and medium-sized companies, the guarantee is already integrated and if not, it can easily be purchased. To make the selection as easy as possible, some providers offer an online NAS advisor who suggests suitable models based on short questions. Are you unsure whether the model you have chosen is the right one? Then use the free test & buy service . So you can get a test model Try it directly in your IT environment.

Try Synology NAS now!


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