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Display | Do you still send or do you already automate?

Anonymous mass mailings? That was once

Thanks to marketing automation, you always send the right message to the right contacts at the right time. And by the way, you also save a lot of time. Sounds a bit like magic? Don’t worry: automation is anything but rocket science. The essential part is to create a workflow. This means: You define triggers that trigger the sending of e-mails. This can be either personal contact information such as birthday or gender, but also behavior-based triggers such as opening an email or clicking on a specific product. Think carefully about which attributes make sense for your company and use them to segment your contacts into different lists. Because: the more individualized your emails, the higher the relevance and the better the overall performance!

Theory is well and good. Josefine Postatny from Sendinblue shows you three practical examples with which you are guaranteed to give your e-commerce marketing a boost.

Welcome emails for the first impression

If a customer has signed up for your newsletter, it is important that you contact him directly welcome and pick you up from the start. Because: The famous first impression also counts in email marketing. Welcome mailings are like “Hello!” In a store. And it works best with an automated greeting workflow. The trigger here is the newsletter registration.

Professional tip: If you also have the customer’s name, you can personalize the mailing. It is best to start with the subject line à la “Welcome, Nadja!”

Welcome messages are among the emails with the highest open rate. Because shortly after registration, the interest is still extremely high to be precise up to three times higher than with regular newsletters. Take advantage of the attention by adding onboarding help in addition to the greeting, sharing blog highlights or giving a foretaste of your future content. Or surprise your new subscribers with an exclusive welcome voucher. This also shows appreciation and is the perfect start to a long-term customer relationship.

Das Bild zeigt einen typischen Workflow bei automatisierten E-Mails. Er wird mit Icons dargestellt.

With a welcome email you make a good impression on your customers right from the start. (Image: Sendinblue)

Even more personal with happy birthday emails

Automated birthday campaigns are a great way to remember your customers and show them that they are not just part of a mass mailing, but a very special contact on your list. A pure offer communication as a birthday greeting would definitely be inappropriate here. Therefore try to avoid e-mails that sound too promotional and clearly focus on the birthday child.

Compared to the welcome message, this workflow is not based on the behavior of your customers, but is triggered at a specific point in the year. However, that does not mean that birthday e-mails can only be sent on the birthday. For a change, how about a birthday countdown or an e-mail the evening before like “You can now unpack our present for a change”? This creates an additional surprise effect. And don’t forget: the birthday is just one of many occasions. Of course, you can also congratulate your customers on their two-year anniversary or wish them a happy Easter – and this is fully automated thanks to marketing automation.

Friendly reminder to abandoned shopping cart



Sendinblue is Europe’s leading all-in-one marketing platform. Whether email, SMS, Facebook, chat or CRM

– With Sendinblue you manage all of your digital communication under one roof and build long-term customer relationships.

Fully The shopping cart, but the final click on the “Buy” button does not occur? Abandoned shopping carts are a tiresome topic in e-commerce and a stab in every marketer’s heart. But the good news is: You can do something about it!

Cart abandoner may not generate sales at first, but: what is not, can still become! Because customers who cancel their purchase at the virtual checkout show a much higher purchase intention than other website visitors.

With an automated follow-up email, you can lure abandoned carts back to your online shop in no time at all and win back missed sales. As with the welcome message, the dispatch trigger is behavior-based. If a user leaves your website without completing the purchase, they will receive an automated mailing after a certain period of time (ideally within 24 hours). Basically: stay friendly and service-oriented and avoid reproaches. In addition to reminding you of items that have not been purchased, you can also recommend similar products based on the shopping cart or eliminate general concerns that may have led to the shopping cart being abandoned (e.g. delivery time, right of return).

And now you!

Marketing automation is versatile and efficient and, with the right software, really child’s play. At Sendinblue you can automate email campaigns in the free package: simply select a workflow template, adapt it to your corporate identity and lean back. Because from now on everything will run by itself!

Now put marketing on autopilot with Sendinblue.

Automate email campaigns


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