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Dismissal of Gill’s physical conclusion plea call in IGH


Prosecution appealed to Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Saturday over refusal of his request for physical detention of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill in case of rebellion

The petition, filed through Islamabad Advocate General Jahangir Jadoun, requires physical guardianship. of PTI supervisor to collect additional evidence in case and acquire names of those supposedly behind offense.

The lawsuit alleges that advocate general made a motion to adjourn the case until Monday because government wanted assign SSP for It. However, the trial judge was “adamant to hear the case and make a decision.”

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It further states that the investigation was incomplete and Judicial Magistrate Umar Shabbir issued a detention order and rejected its extension. of Gill’s physical imprisonment which led to in the prosecution is subject to “serious prejudice”.

it also requires physical care of the accused, claiming that “the police have yet to recover mobile Telephone of accused containing necessary information/date to confirm content of REL as part of proof.”

Private mobile phone and laptop of the accused were used in event in the form of a written transcript of Gill’s statement, given to the TV channel, was sent to him on WhatsApp by someone, it was stated.

Moreover, this also trying to get names of others allegedly involved in case, passing over head of the PTI investigator to further investigate the case.

It was alleged that the judicial magistrate “did not determine the severity of crime and denied the police request for physical detention and sent the appointed accused in FIR for judicial arrest without consideration of the police request of merit.”

The petition emphasized that review the appeal was rejected on the foundation of technical details and that “the matter must be decided on merit, not technical details.

Court rejects review petition

A day earlier, the court dismissed the claim. review complaint filed with the police against refusal of their application for Gill’s physical imprisonment, declaring him “inadmissible”.

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Gill was presented to Judicial Magistrate Umar Shabbir at the end of his term of his two days of physical confinement while the PTI members gathered outside court and raised slogans in his favor. He was handcuffed before the hearing. removed and he was allowed to meet with his lawful team.

Judicial Magistrate Shabbir, after hearing the arguments of the prosecutor and the defendants’ lawyers decided to reject the petition for further physical arrest.

Advocate General of Islamabad Jahangir Jadoun told the court that Gill driver was hiding in Bani Gala and telephone. He told the court that Gill had the transcript, which was read. out before the court without saying who was behind in move. “Jill needs to take a polygraph test. test see if he speaks truth or lies.”

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