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Disguised in the metro.. A rare video that brings together Suheir Al-Babli and Yusra

Fans of the late Egyptian artist Suheir Al-Babli are still circulating nice clips and videos of her on the communication sites, days after her death.

Her fans recently circulated a funny video that collects her With the Egyptian actress Yousra inside the “metro” disguised as not to be recognized by anyone, they are eating “roasted corn.”

The Babylonian, who was known for her wit and talent for making the crowds laugh, appeared wearing a hat and sunglasses, and she says Lisra: “No one who crossed us.. the extras. Get to know us better.” She would later charge and take off her hat and glasses.

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It is reported that the famous Egyptian actress died last Sunday at the age of 86 after suffering from illness. Al-Babli, who was born in February 1935, is the daughter of the coastal governorate of Damietta in northern Egypt.

She studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and at the Music Institute at the same time, and began her artistic career at an early age, during which she performed more than a hundred works between theater, drama and cinema.

“Idiot Effat”

She also appeared in theater roles and had many artistic works that were engraved in the memory of viewers, no matter how generations passed, such as the role of “Idiot Effat” the teacher in the play “The School of Rioters” that was shown in the seventies, and her role in the play “Raya and Sakina”, which She shared her starring with the late Egyptian artist Shadia.

Also among the famous plays presented by Al-Babli, the satirical political play “A Al-Rasif” in 1987 directed by the director of the National Theater in Egypt At that time, Jalal Al-Sharqawi. It sparked widespread controversy and was banned from the show for many years for political reasons.

“Bakiza Hanim Al-Darmali”

In addition, Al-Babli embodied many roles in Egyptian drama and cinema, and perhaps the character “Bakiza Hanim Al-Darmali” is one of the most famous characters who She presented her in the series “Bakiza and Zagloul”, with the Egyptian actress and producer, Esaad Younes, who had always called for her to heal on social media platforms. It has not yet been shown on television due to some production crises, according to what Al-Babli said in previous statements.

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