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Discovering the Journey of an African Egyptian Hero to Europe

Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that another Egyptian player escaped from the Egyptian national wrestling camp at the end of 2022 while he was in Italy.

She explained that the under eighteen player Mohamed Essam, a Romanian wrestler, as part of a project to sponsor an Olympic champion and after winning the 2022 African Championship, escaped during the International Federation camp at the end of 2022, after the FIFA World Cup in Italy , leave the camp and escape the mission.

The player’s coach suggested that he coordinate with the other side to play under the name of the European team that would most likely use it and qualify for an Olympic medal in the coming period, in addition to representing it at international and European championships. knowledge of the strength of the Egyptian players, which are of great importance in the game.

Basem Baz, the coach of the Egyptian player in Romanian wrestling, explained that the start was after the player won gold in the African Championship in Romanian wrestling, and at that time he did not receive any financial reward, which caused his hopes to evaporate. especially since his family is poor and his father works almost every day.

The coach added that the player receives around £300 per month from the Olympic Champion Care and Development and Rehabilitation Agency, part of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which is the cost of what he receives monthly, while he has not received any awards for playing for the Egyptian Wrestling Federation or for winning championships, including the African Championship, which is one of the most important tournaments in the game, in order to then qualify for the World Championship, which Egypt has achieved with outstanding achievement. team.

Captain Bassem revealed that Mohamed Essam was not the last, but the player, Omar Murad Amin, also won the bronze medal in the 2022 World Cup, which is Egypt’s big achievement in the game, and after his victory, we predicted that he would win. an Olympic medal at the next tournament if well cared for and trained.

Buzza emphasized that the players of Bagdud, who is currently occupying public opinion after defecting from the Romanian wrestling team to join the game under the banner of another team, and Mohamed Essam, are working class and are trying to keep their families safe, who are suffering from financial crises. and try to capitalize on their two sons over time and thus without saving money, even if winning trophies is difficult.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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