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Discovered in Australia: this PS5 hides a little secret

The seized PS5 was not only white from the outside. (Photo: mkfilm / Shutterstock)

The latest console from Sony is so scarce that the Japanese manufacturer is even insuring a lottery for potential buyers Came to life because it is still not possible to send a console to all interested parties in a timely manner – a situation that may make every package containing a Playstation 5 seem suspicious.

This is probably what officials of the Australian Federal Police thought when they examined a package that contained a PS5 and was shipped from Portugal to Sydney. The Australian Border Force officers opened the package and found a white powder in the console. It wasn’t silica gel, which is often sent with non-food products to protect them from moisture. It was, as a later test should show, pure cocaine.

There is a risk of more than 10 years imprisonment

To catch the perpetrator in the act, the police took it Original package and sent a so-called replica shipment to the intended location. There the package was picked up by a 48-year-old man who was arrested on the spot. In the course of the investigation there were two more arrests and two house searches.

The PS5 contained about 1.5 kilograms of the drug with one estimated value of $ 257,500. The consoles are currently also being sold in Australia at inflated prices due to the limited supply, but a quarter of a million for this special version is already a house number. It is not yet known who filled the console and made a lot of profit. If convicted, however, threatens at least ten years in prison, and on top of that, the Playstation is not even usable. Doubly annoying!

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