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“Discipline” note by Ashok Gilot after Sachin’s demo questions Praise PM



Ashok Gilot said party focus should is being on keep government in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot hit back After rival Sachin Pilot appeared to escalate their longstanding feud, spoiling the ‘climate’ of frequency” in State Unity in Congress and Praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sworn enemy.

Here is the 10 latest Developments in this is story:

  1. Speaking to reporters during a visit to the Loire, Mr. Jahlout urged party Leaders “to maintain discipline” and refrain from making out-ofRole data. “[Congress general secretary] KC Venugopal asked not to do this give formulations. we too, want All leaders must maintain discipline.”

  2. The Chief Minister said the party focus should is being on keep government in Rajasthan which votes in About 13 months. Our goal is to repeat government. give us good And brought many schemes in The state that never happened before. We have begun to work to preserve the state on good He said.

  3. earlier in today, in What seemed to be a new Bid for took him over As Chief Minister Mr. Pilot said: “Now is the time to end the climate of Frequency in Rajasthan. Quoting Mr. Venugopal, A decision on Rajasthan status will be taken soon.

  4. in criticism directly In Mr. Gehlot, he also he said that he “Delchesbee‘, or interesting, how Prime Minister Modi praised Mr. Gilot, describing him assenior president minister”in government Function in Rajasthan yesterday. That (praise) should Not taken lightly. Everyone knows what happened after Prime Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad praised him.” left The party newly.

  5. In July 2020, Mr. Pilot tried it force promotion of vice Chief Minister By isolating about 20 MLAs in Resort near Delhi. The message was that unless he was assigned the job of Mr. Gillot, he would be broken party. However, his exercise faltered out Because of humble support Receive.

  6. then, just Weeks ago, Mr. Gilot presented his political policy muscle to me prove To Congress that he should not replace him Chief Minister. This possibility came about because Sonia Gandhi urged 71-year- to replace her as President of Congress. Mr. Gehlot suggested a dual role – Chief Minister In addition to the President of Congress – provocation a public Repentance from Rahul Gandhi who Quote party’s ‘one person, one post” rule.

  7. In response, when the conference organized the meeting of MLAs in Rajasthan to assess whether the file new Chief Minister There was a need, and Mr. Jahlut’s supporters had to show and choose instead to meet separately in a session Where they insisted that Mr. Jahlut should They have a veto on replace him, and he must announce Mr. Pilot out of running.

  8. Mrs. Gandhi met with Mr. Jahlot a few days later – the belated meeting was meant to convey resentment of “High Command” – he apologized profusely for Actions of his supporters. At that time, Mister Pilot was reported to have reassured that perhaps his time had finally come.

  9. But no action has been taken yet against Mr. Gilot team And apparently no progress in The plans to me give Mr. Pilot Shot in the Run home condition.

  10. When the conference won Rajasthan in In 2018, the Gandhis told Mr. Pilot that he would make time-share The Chief Minister’s job with Mr. Gehlot, his seniorgetting a first half of the five-year term. When Mr. Pilot rebelled failedhe was punished for being removed as a deputy Chief Minister And as president of The party unit is Rajasthan.

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