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Disappointment over Liz Truss decision do not appoint minister for women | Politics

Women reacted with anxiety at Liz Truss decision do not appoint minister for women to her office team, instead Cabinet of Ministers minister Nadhim Zahavi like minister for equality.

representative for in new prime minister – who bore the title minister for women and equality – confirmed that Zahavi role “lids women”.

Caroline Noakes, Chairman of the Conservative Party of in women and the Equality Selection Committee, stated decision was “disappointing” after the lead campaign in which Truss repeatedly used the word “woman” to brandish her powers against the revival. in so-called culture wars.

Liz Truss said great deal with how she knew what a woman was during the course of leadership campaign, we heard that the word “woman” was used very often,” she said. “So it’s disappointing that this is then dropped from the job title.

“After prime minister really specialized on rights of women during the course of leadership campaign, you have to ask the question, does she now think that the deed is done? Does she think there is no gender pay gap? pension gap?”

Knox said that “ball was in [Zahawi’s] ships” now and delivery for women was more important than the job title, but added what did it send wrong message to UK women, who suffered disproportionately during the pandemic in several ways.

“I just I think it’s really strange when we had two years of – if not directly – shit for women,” she said.

“We saw women carrying the greatest share of burden of carry out responsibilities from school and housework to the pandemic, and now we are seeing predictions that cost of life crisis hit women the hardest.”

role given by Zahavi was called ” women and equality”, or divided into two ministerial roles, for more than a decade. Get the wrong one first man to hold the brief, but he first man to also be responsible for both aspects of It.

Truss became the third woman in the UK prime minister and chose a varied cabinet; nobody of the four most senior workplaces in British government now belongs to the white man.

But scrapped of word “women” from equalities role less surprising than first appear. While Truss was in in the post, she often ignored invitations to visit women and an elected equality committee, and is rarely used social media talk about her role.

Conservatives party conference in October last yearTruss said it was “inhuman” to be “treated like a woman”. for everyone should be treated as “individuals” instead.

She said at the meeting that using the word “woman” was box- ticks and interferes with proper focus on “talents and ideas and hard work”.

Shadow women & equality secretary Anneliese Dodds, said scrapped of word woman from role confirmed that women were “always secondary for tory.” She is tweeted:

“Under the Conservatives: women earn 226 pounds less/year how in 2010; half a million are waiting for treatment of gynecological diseases; recorded rape in record highs; convictions in record minima; women always in hindsight for tory. Removal role for women in The Cabinet of Ministers confirms this.”

Jemima Olhavsky, Executive Director of The Fawcett Society reacted with disturbance decision. “Women do up over half of in population; we still get paid less than men, face terrifying levels of gender violence, mainstream of unpaid care, and were hit hardest because of the pandemic and cost of life crisis,” she said. “It’s just unacceptable with this background of disadvantage, women’s representation in the Tressa cabinet is declining”.

Downing Street denied Truss was playing down the importance of women is right. “A brief overview of equality is not changed. The policy that concerns him still applies,” the spokesman said. “I think the action government accepts in this is space is how it should be judged, not on job titles of faces.”

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