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“Dinamo” misses a two-goal lead, but wins a point against the KHL grand

“Dinamo” misses a two-goal lead, but wins a point against the KHL grand
Riga “Dynamo” Photo: Riga “Dinamo”

In the Continental Hockey League (KHL) today in Riga “Dinamo” with the result 3: 4 in overtime the guests conceded to Moscow CSKA.

Moscow CSKA – Riga “Dynamo” 4: 3 (0: 0; 1: 3; 2: 0; 1: 0)

Gains of the Moscow CSKA goal: 23:46 Konstantin Okulov (Bogdan Kiselyevich, Andrejs Loktionovs more); 53:56 Maxim Mamin (Klass Dalbek, Konstantin Okulov); 55:17 Nikita Sosnikov (Sergey Andronov, Pavel Karnaukhov); 61:50 Brandon Leipzig (Andrejs Loktionovs)

Gains of Riga “Dinamo” goal: 21:19 Mārtiņš Dzierkals (Rīss Skārletas, Tony Sunds, more); 24:04 Andris Džeriņš (Miks Indrašis, Jei Sī Lipons); 34:54 Jay Lee Lipon (Andris Jerins)

Rejections of the Moscow CSKA: 9:26 Violation of the numerical composition; 19:23 Mets Robinsons; 48:44 Andrejs Svetlakovs

Rejections of Riga “Dinamo”: 7:32 Nikolay Yeliseev; 22:31 Yevgeny Grachevov; 43:20 Robert Mammic

Mārtiņš Dzierkals, Andris Džeriņš and Jaisīne Lipons scored the goal for the benefit of the Rigans. In the first period, the goal was not scored, although the territorial predominance was for the hosts. At the end of the period, the former “Dynamo” Matt Robinson received a two-minute penalty for holding a stick, and Dzierkals finished the goal from a narrow angle with a precise shot in the near corner four seconds before the end of the rejection. After less than two and a half minutes, the home team equalized the result in the majority, with Konstantin Okulov standing out with a precise shot from the left throw circle. Rejected at that time was Eugene Gračov.

However, only after 18 seconds were the guests in the chair again. After the passes of Liponas and Mika Indrašs, the “goal” was thrown by Džeriņš from a couple of meters away, “shooting” CSKA goalkeeper Lars Juhansons. Immediately after that, the puck went to the goal of “Dinamo”, but at the request of the head coach of the Riga team Pēteris Skudras, a video replay was watched, which confirmed that the home team had disturbed Vori, not including the goal. When Indrašim got involved in taking the puck in the 35th minute, Andris Džeriņš intercepted the puck, passing a little more to the Lipon in the center, who sent the puck to the top right corner of the goal – 3: 1. 36 minutes into the game, puck Vora almost gave the visitors the lead, as he clipped a delicate lob over the keeper, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar.

CSKA equalized the result with 81 shots from the middle of the area in the far corner above the scorer in 81 seconds. catch glove. First, in the 54th minute, Maksims Mamims stood out in the quick attack, but then Nikita Sošņikovs marked with a similar shot. Brendans Līpsiks scored the extra goal in the 110th second, playing the Rigans’ defender Roberts Mamčičs.

From the previous series of five games, “Dinamo” took home only two points for the victory over Kazan “Ak Bars” in overtime with 5: 4. Two minimal losses were then suffered at home against Bob Hartley’s Omsk Avangard (1: 2) and Cherepovets’ Severstal (2: 3). Rigans went to Moscow with a series of four lost matches.

Although the Moscow team in the last duel before the fight with Riga “Dinamo” with 4 : 2 outperformed Minsk’s “Dynamo”, before that Helsinki’s “Jokerit” lost 1: 3 and Moscow’s “Dynamo” 1: 4. This season, both teams had to meet twice in Riga. The first meeting did not take place due to Covid-19 illness in the ranks of “Dinamo”, giving the Riga club a technical loss, but in the second CSKA destroyed the Rigans with 7: 1. In total, the two clubs had met 33 times in the KHL championship by Tuesday, of which only seven were superior to the Riga team. Won five times in regular time, twice in “bulls”. “Dinamo” won the last victory in the mutual match against the Muscovites in October 2013, winning 4: 3 in Riga.

Rigans of the season On the tenth away they went without goalkeeper Ivana Naļimova, who was injured, thus in the next matches “Dinamo” goal will be guarded only by Latvians Jānis Voris, Bruno Brūveris or Reinis Liepiņš. Defenders Matthew Mayon, Roberts Mamčics, Ernests Ošenieks, Rīss Skārlets, Kristaps Sotnieks, Tony Sunds, Gunārs Skvorcovs will also take part in the guest performance, but Miks Tumānovs will join the team already in Moscow. Daniels Bērziņš, Rihards Bukarts, Roberts Bukarts, Andris Džeriņš, Mārtiņš Dzierkals, Jevgenijs Gračovs, Miks Indrašis, Nikolajs Jeļisējevs, Džeisī Lipons, Deniss Paršins, Genādijs Stoļarovs, Jānis ) . Kārlis Bucenieks, Deniss Fjodorovs, Gustavs Millers, Glebs Prohorenkovs and Rūdolfs Polcs will remain part of the Russian Youth Hockey League (MHL) team “Rīga”. In the ranks of the homeowners on the injured list is the attacker Swede Mario Kempe. On February 4, Rigans will visit Ufa “Salavat Julayev”, but on February 7, they will take home a match with Moscow “Spartak”. “Dinamo” took the penultimate place in the Western group and in the whole league last season, not qualifying for the Gagarin Cup for the sixth year in a row.

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