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Digitization failure Germany: CCC makes proposals for government program

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Even established Union politicians complain that Germany is way behind the industrialized nations when it comes to digitization. Only little is done. The CCC now wants to change that.

Alongside climate change and the energy transition, digitization is one of the buzzwords in the exploratory talks currently ongoing all about a new government for Germany. In addition to the FDP, which has to be more or less genetic for it, all of a sudden politicians of the Union and the SPD show themselves very eagerly and assert that courageous steps should finally be taken here.

Parties who have not digitized for 16 years , are again facing the formation of a government – exception: the Greens

The no longer very young listener of such phrases asks himself who has actually ruled for the last 16 years? There you can find the Union, the SPD and even the FDP – just over four years, but at least. Exactly they are now complaining that too little happened in terms of digitization in Germany during the Merkel era – and now want to do better.

Let’s hold on – you are of course right. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the best download rates in a remote beach pavilion in Holland knows what the status of mobile network expansion alone is like in Germany – terrible. But why should we believe that precisely those parties that have not achieved anything in terms of digitization in the last 16 years will now do better in a new government.

CCC drafts catalog of measures for a modern and digital Germany

Apparently the activists of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) do not assume that either. That is why they took the trouble to name all the construction sites of German digitization and to store them with a catalog of measures. The parties are welcome to use it for their upcoming government program. Then at least you don’t forget anything and the formulations have hand and foot.

The CCC’s proposals are categorized into infrastructure, education, administration, copyrights and patents, surveillance, IT security, sustainability, foreign policy, tracking and human rights. The formulations include tangible projects, but also basic recommendations such as the ban on the killing of people by autonomous systems. This means that even the party least interested in concrete action can still find a text module that they can write down painlessly and purely in a declaratory way.

More IT competence at all levels, open source software and processes

In the concrete recommendations, we do not find anything that digitally-savvy people have not already addressed in the past 16 years – only politics never wanted to be right t play along. For example, the CCC is in favor of a right to repair, as it already exists in other countries, including European countries. The computer activists also propose a ban on software such as the state trojan, or a ban on the use of budget funds for the purchase of such a spying device.

An essential point is the openness of the source of software that is to be used in the public environment. Manufacturers should also be obliged to release software as open source for devices that they no longer want to maintain themselves. There should also be more open source in copyright law and patents, with the CCC proposing to forbid the patenting of DNA sequences entirely. How is that? Yes, it is even possible to have viruses and bacteria patented.

Digital formation fixed in anchor the general education

In addition, the CCC proposes to finally apply across all levels of government Building up your own IT skills rather than buying projects with questionable benefits and at high costs from outside, see lastly the digital driver’s license. To this end, digital education should also be strengthened and should be part of general education down to schools and up to jurisprudence.

Anyone who reads the “government program” of the CCC may wish that the CCC was one of the parties involved in the exploratory talks. Unfortunately that remains only a wish.

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