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Diamer Basha Dam: How Chinese Employees Leave a Positive Footprint on communityemployees

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani engineer at work on Diamer Basha Dam project praised the Chinese staff support in control project successfully.

According to a report published by Gwadar Pro on On Tuesday, Pakistani engineer Nadeem Ilyas said that with joining in project its chinese colleagues patiently taught him a lot of knowledge, including technology, on- management of the construction of the facility, as well as communication with consultant and client representative.

“We never make a distinction between Pakistanis and Chinese. I feel that I in safe hands work on such project“, he remarked.

Working as a tunneling engineer at the Diamer Basha Dam. projectNadim Ilyas key Responsibility for managing all activities during the construction of the tunnel, including execution and implementation of designs and drawings according to specification.

He also coordinates with consulting engineers to achieve work goals in a timely manner. “I usually start my work early in in the morning, I plan my day in advance and do sure what is the most urgent work is being done first like which the area need rock support, drill for explosion or excavation. After receiving approval from the engineers, I inform the relevant workers of their appointment tasksNadeem said.

“In my career, I sure of one thing which I want to build worthy career in my current domain. Before this project I worked on Karotskaya HPP project as a tunnel engineer with powerChina. My current job has shown me path to move and achieve what has been my long term career goals,” Nadeem Gwadar told Pro.

When asked what his family members think of his work, Nadim proudly said: “I first family member financially support my family. My parents want I, too work in Pakistan so I can look after them when they need to me. For being a part of Diamer Basha, mine family proud of to me.”

” project has many positive effects on local community. At the very beginning there was no normal source of income for local peopleWhen PowerChina came here, it provided a lot of jobs for local people. People work in various positions such as technical staff, operators, drivers, and works. PowerChina gave them the opportunity to explore various technical skills. working with many Chinese experts of they will be different skills”.

He is proud of Benefits project brought to Pakistan. “After the start of in the project state and environment of local area were completely changed. There are thousands of people who got a job and employment made their lives easier. In addition, the absence of drinking water has been solved, and our company has installed many water treatment plants for clean water,” he said, referring to the project’s contribution to increasing water storage capacity of Pakistan.

“The water storage capacity is 56 days. currently while it’s only 35 days before. As well as big changes in natural and climatic conditions, huge amount of warehouse capacity of water also makes the earth more appropriate for Production of crops and our irrigation system It has also was improvedNadim added.

The contract for the construction of the Diamer Basha Dam was signed with PowerChina and Frontier Works Organization (Pakistan). in 2020. When completed, the dam will produce 4,800 megawatts. of electricity through the production of hydroelectric power, store additional 10.5 cubic kilometers of water for Pakistan to be used for irrigation and drinking, prolong life of The Tarbela dam is located downstream for 35 years, and control flood damage caused by the Indus River downstream during major floods in Pakistan, according to PowerChina.

However, building such super project it won’t be easy. “At the outset, we have faced obstacles such as the raging Covid-19 pandemic and poor geological conditions. Among these risk factors, availability of workers, site accessibility, lack of of construction materials and inadequate epidemic prevention materials caused due to blocking policy are the most fundamental challenges faced by the projects.

“We have decided almost these problems and residential area moves near the workplace, good rest area for the workers were set in addition to the local community, amenities and security are provided at the workplace also increased,” Nadeem said.

Local employees are the backbone of Dam Diamer Basha and Nadeem one of them. How engineer Nadeem grew up with in project. “The Diamer Basha Dam is the largest dam in in history of Pakistan and will be the tallest concrete roller compacted dam. in in the world where i can learn more technical skills to build my career.”

“In 2021, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan hosted Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Pakistani Employees of CPEC projects. PowerChina nominated me for in prize what an honor for me and my family. I am sincerely grateful to PowerChina for offering me the opportunity of work here. I increased my possibilities improved my work efficiency and received higher wages,” he said. “I am proud that work at PowerChina.


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