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DHS Watchdog Postpones Investigation into Secret Service Texts: Report

branch of The national security service delayed the process of The Washington Post reported Friday that it is extracting deleted Secret Service text messages and notifying Congress.

The Secret Service and DHS Inspector General Joseph Caffari clashed earlier this month after Cuffari wrote a letter to lawmakers saying the Secret Service deleted text messages from that day. of and before the Capitol riot in 2021. The Secret Service said the deleted text messages were triggered by a pre-planned system migration.

It is reported by The Post, citing unnamed sources. office it was originally planned that DHS agencies, including the Secret Service, over their phones in beginning of February in attempt to recover lost data. But by the end of February office decided not to bother forward on collection of phones, sources told the publication.

July 13 Kuffari office sent a letter about the deleted messages to the House Committee of Inquiry on January 6. Kuffari’s letter, however, did not mention that office knew of the messages were deleted back in December, according to The Post. Unnamed sources told CNN that Kuffari even knew about it. of them as early as May 2021.

Kuffari also did not mention in a letter from two senior DHS officials that there are no additional text messages, The Post also reported.

On July 16, a House committee issued a subpoena. for secret service text messages. The Secret Service has so far provided the committee with a single text message.

The House Committee said the removal of text messages can be an illegal violation of federal records law of 1950.

“Procedure for preservation content prior to this purge, apparently conflicted with the preservation of federal records requirements and may represent possible violation of Federal Records Act,” said Representatives Benny Thompson and Liz Cheney, chair and vice chair of the committee. in statement.

thompson, who is also House Speaker for Homeland Security and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, House Speaker for Oversight, called for Kuffari withdraw from the investigation. They said his delay in disclosing inaccessible Secret Service records to Congress was “serious doubt”. on his independence and his ability for the efficient conduct of such an important investigation.”

DHS and Cuffari’s office did not immediately respond to insider inquiries for comment.

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