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DHDL: Lions say no to the innovative Novus e-motorcycle from Braunschweig

The Novus is a super light e-motorcycle from Braunschweig. (Photo: Novus)
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The inventors at Novus in Braunschweig have been working on a completely new motorcycle for over ten years with electric drive, which they presented to DHDL on Monday. There is a lot about the Novus that is impressive, including the price.

What would a motorcycle look like if there wasn’t one yet? That describes the working thesis with which the industrial designers René Renger and Marcus Weidig started the Novus project during their joint studies.

What would a motorcycle look like if it were invented today?

The two have thrown overboard all design approaches that are inevitable, especially due to the presence of an internal combustion engine. The result is a fully electric motorcycle that looks very close to a bicycle, but also puts its specific design conventions aside.

Novus has existed as a company since 2019. In the same year, the Novus, as the designers call the company and the bike, was presented to the public for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Since then, a lot of development work has been done. The Novus can now be pre-ordered. Delivery is planned for the year 2022.

The Novus is a super light e-motorcycle from Braunschweig. (Photo: Novus)

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This is the Novus

In comparison to other e-motorcycles, the low weight is the most notable distinguishing feature in addition to the optics. The Novus weighs a mere 75 kilograms. At 1.84 meters in length, 94 centimeters in height and 76 centimeters in width, the bike is not necessarily more delicate than other motor-driven two-wheelers.

The low weight is mainly due to the fact that on the one hand the comparatively bulky one Combustion engine including exhaust system and fuel tank is missing. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that almost all components are made of carbon fiber. The frame of the Novus, for example, weighs only seven kilograms. But also the rims, the mono fork with its nine centimeter spring travel or the swing arm are made of the ultra-light material.

Novus: Detailed view. (Photo: Novus)

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The entire technology of the e-bike is invisibly integrated into the frame, which is why nobody will immediately recognize the Novus as a motorcycle. For the lighting, the bike from Braunschweig relies on form-fitting integrated LED headlights at the front and rear.

The actual motor sits – also almost invisibly – on the rear wheel hub. With an output of 30 kilowatts and a torque of 200 Newton meters, the Novus should accelerate from zero to 50 kilometers per hour in three seconds. The manufacturer specifies the maximum speed as 130 km / h.

For this, however, buyers would need an A2 motorcycle license. That is why Novus also offers the bike in two other performance classes, in which the top speed is electronically limited. With a limitation of seven kilowatts and 45 kilometers per hour, the Novus can be driven with a class AM driver’s license or a car driver’s license. In the eleven kilowatt performance level, it is one of the light motorcycles, offers a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and can be driven with a class A1 driving license.

Novus: E-motorcycle rethought. (Photo: Novus)

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For the battery, Novus specifies a maximum range of 100 kilometers for the 30 and 11 kilowatt variants and 130 kilometers for the seven kilowatt model. The battery has an energy content of 4.3 kilowatt hours and should be able to be charged to 80 percent of its capacity in 30 minutes.

The maximum load must not exceed 110 kilograms. This means that even relatively heavy users can ride the bike. It should be noted that the Novus is designed as a single-seater anyway.

Novus fully digitally controllable via app

The user interface is fully digital. It starts with the keyless start-stop system. All functions of the Novus can be controlled and configured via the associated app – including the three-stage power setting with which energy consumption can be kept in check.

Access to statistical data is also carried out in this way. A navigation system is integrated. Optionally, your own smartphone can be installed over the integrated central display so that the former takes over the function of the latter. Any updates of the motorcycle operating system are carried out as over-the-air updates.

The only problem with the Novus is the price

All in all, the Novus can convince in many ways. There is, however, a serious problem that will make it much more difficult for the e-bike to enter the market. That’s the price. Buyers have to put at least around 46,000 euros on the table. And for this they get the version throttled to 45 kilometers per hour. The Novus costs around 49,000 euros as a light motorcycle and around 51,000 euros as a motorcycle.

This puts the Novus well above the Harley-Davidson Livewire. Already at Harley, however, hardly anyone is willing to pay the required 30,000 US dollars. For the price of the Novus there is Tesla’s Model 3 and even the new VW ID-4.

The makers of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (September 20th, 2021 from 8:15 pm on VOX) were also able to with her futuristic vehicle, she received a lot of attention and praise, but no investment. As the founders said, even Elon Musk had shown interest in the Novus in the meantime. However, he didn’t want to invest either, just buy the prototype.

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(The article first appeared on October 5, 2020 and was published on the occasion of the DHDL pitch on September 20 it will be updated in 2021.)

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