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Developer offers all Ethereum and Solana NFTs for free

With the creation of the website The NFT Bay , a parody of The Pirate Bay , Australian developer Geoffrey Huntley is offering visitors a downloadable file of almost 20 TB with the images associated with the non-fungible tokens (NFT) that he could find in the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Taking into account the high prices of the most notable NFTs, Huntley called this file the “collection of NFTs of 1 billion dollars.”

Huntley announced on Twitter on November 18 the availability of the voluminous NFT file, using the almost untranslatable expression in a single term: right-click . The expression refers to the action of pointing to an image that you want to save on your hard drive. “Guess who right-clicked all the NFTs?” Says Huntley’s tweet.

The humorous tone Huntley uses in that question it can reflect two ideas. On the one hand, there is a mockery of the idea that the NFT gives property rights to an image, a video or a file. It also implies that the important thing is not the image or the video, but the unique token that represents them.

The programmer emphasizes that acquiring an NFT implies receive instructions on how to access or download a certain image, but there is no exclusivity on that image . There is another peculiarity about an image that is downloaded from a web server: the copy is identical to the stored original. But a non-fungible or NFT token is a cryptographic token that, according to what is said, represents a unique, unrepeatable asset and limited in its quantity.

Huntley explained to the Argentine newspaper Clarín that each NFT token it has the information of the server where an image is stored, and that the Ethereum blockchain can be examined in 10 hours for those addresses.

On the TheNFTBay.org site, very similar in design to The Pirate Bay, one of the most popular sites for downloading movies, books and software, it is specified that the images that correspond to the NFTs in Ethereum total 13.5 TB. The referenced images on the Solana blockchain total 4.2 TB. If the average size of the images were 1 MB, the file collected by Huntley would host about 17 million images .

The collection of images, which not many personal computers can download, given the limitations of hard drives, was converted by Huntley into an NFT. The token was named The collector becomes collected. Huntley lives an unconventional lifestyle, lives in a van and is constantly on the road around Australia.

The NFT categories featured on the page are the most popular of this type of assets. These include CryptoPuppies, CryptoPunks, and NFTs associated with the Axie Infinity game. You can also consult the most recent or the list of the 100 most popular.

Are active safe-haven NFTs?

The great NFT boom generates opposing positions. There are those who think that it is a bubble and that it will decline over time. On the side of the defenders, highlights the testimony of the buyer of 104 tokens of the collection of tokenized faces of CryptoPunks for USD 7 million, commented by CriptoNoticias.

The user, identified by his account of Twitter @ 0x650d stated that it believes in NFTs as safe haven assets. The collector believes that by increasing demand for scarce assets in an increasingly digitized world, acquired punks will make the most of it.

TheNFTBay contains a compilation of millions of images and videos associated with NFT on Ethereum and Solana. Source: TheNFTBay.com.

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