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Details appear of new Downing Street closure event | conservatives

Details have emerged of what appears to be another alcoholic fuel social event on Downing Street during lockdown, one which does not appear to have been investigated by either the police or official public service investigations.

Between 30 and 40 employees drank alcohol and ate takeaway snacks to mark the holiday, according to the Mirror. final press briefing by then Boris Johnson press secretary James Slack, on November 17, 2020

The photograph obtained by the newspaper appears to show en official parameter out bottles of wine and drinks such as champagne. The photo was reportedly sent to staff #10. on whatsapp group, in response to the message: “It’s time to open the Covid safety panel.”

The photo was then posted as reply with message: “The bar is open.” Other messages published by the Mirror appear to show intent. in communication, with one referring to “Wine Tuesday Tuesday”, and others discussing visiting buy “reinforcing drink”. One official says: “If anyone can help I carry it, I’m happy to go.

Supposed event it was four days after leaving the drinks for Lee Kane, Johnson head of communications. On Monday, ITV News received images showing prime minister in event raises a glass and appears to be making a toast to Cain and giving a speech.

These images put pressure on on Metropolitan Police explain why Johnson was not fined for participation in the meeting on November 13, when there were others.

November 17 event was not among the collections investigated by the Met, and was not listed among the verified in interim report on parties violating blocking by senior Cabinet civil servant Sue Gray. Her full report expected on Wednesday.

weak, who was a civil servant, not a political appointee like Cain was chosen to replace Cain as head of communications. Drinks on 17 November were held to commemorate last time when like johnson official press secretary, he spoke to media at daily briefings in the lobby, according to reports.

At that time, because of lockdown, the briefings were held virtually, not in Human. Weak left No. 10 in April 2021. That leaving party, held the day before Prince Philip’s funeral indoors social mixing was still banned and reported and investigated. He is now Deputy Editor-in-Chief of sun.

Certificate of what seems to be another social event one planned in forward, exerts additional pressure on Johnson ahead of Gray’s findings among reports more Conservative MPs may submit letters of No confidence in in prime minister.

If Gray has full report released on On Wednesday it will most likely be presented at Downing Street. in in the morning, published shortly thereafter, and with Johnson promises give application for parliament and then answer the questions of deputies. Number ten said that Johnson would then try to hold a press conference.

Representative No. 10 said: “Within of their cabinet investigation team were able to speak with staff #10 to establish the facts on what happened during this period. Both they and the Metropolitan Police access all information relevant to their investigations, including photographs.

The Met has completed its investigation and Sue Gray will release her report shortly after which prime minister will turn parliament in full”.

Slack contacted for comment.

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