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Despite overnight assurances, Taryn group Moats of Elahi – Pakistan

LAHORE: Members of Jahangir Tarin group pulled out fast one’ on Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) when after overnight talks with Elahi, they decided throw their weight behind opposition camp.

This caused a flurry of activity in ruling bloc under Parvez Elahi and incumbent Speaker of the Punjab Assembly announced it’s a vote for Main minister the slot will take place today (Sunday).

On the Saturday session, which started later than the appointed time, Mr. Elahi gave an election schedule. Mr Elahi government backed the candidate while opposition parties nominated opposition leader Hamza Shehbaz as their opponent.

PML-Q leaders, led by speaker son Muniz Elahi, remained in meetings with members of Jahangir Tarin group until about 2:30 on Saturday to iron out in terms of their proposal.

Punjab Assembly for election new CM today; Both sides are fighting for ensure their numbers complete

However, a tweet from former finance minister Ishak Dar in tiny hours changed the whole scenario. “has been fruitful final round of discussion with Jahangir Khan Tarin, and it was decided that Tarin group would support United Opposition candidate Hamza Shehbaz Sharif for slot of main minister’ Mr Dar tweeted.

talking to dawnsaid Munis Elahi former Punjab minister Nauman Langreal committed late in that night 12 out of 17 members gave their consent to vote for Parvez Elahi. Langreal also promised that he would convince the remaining five participants,” Muniz Elahi said during a conversation with dawn.

Mr. Muniz said he personally contacted the three Taryns. group members and won their support, which was subsequently publicly announced. The three participants – Abdul Hayi Dasty, Rafakat Ali Gillani and Amir Mohammad Khan – also met Parvez Elahi in the Punjab Assembly Hall.

While PTI is a dissident and former senior minister Alim Khan also showed strength of nine MPA to PML-N CM candidate Hamza Shehbaz who visited ex-minister Him office on On Saturday, Mr. Elahi said that some of they would express their explicit support for to him.

Mr. Muniz said that the PML-Q manual was already in contact with many MPAs owned by PML-N and hoped that the treasury show more how required 186 rooms on voting day on Sunday (today)

Also Prime Minister Imran Khan in tweet asked all PTI legislators in Punjab in vote for PML-Q leader Parvez Elahi in Punjab CM elections on Sunday. “Any PTI MPA, against party direction, including refraining from voting, will be disqualified and face severe disciplinary action,” Mr Khan warned.

“Decisive factor”

Meanwhile Taryn group who claims to have support of 16 MPA has announced this support for United Opposition candidate Hamza Shehbaz, in in CM elections.

groupx support It was announced at a joint press conference featuring Mr. Hamza and PTI MP Nauman Langreal on Saturday.

“We have made our decision to support Hamza on in direction of Mr. Taryn, and we hope that he will serve the province, out for outgoing CM bazdar for what he said, encouraging corruption and hurting PTI.

Explanation of the reasons why Taryn group had to desert, Mr. Langrial said: “We are practically in opposition for in last one And half years, even though in in government. fake case [in the Federal Investigation Agency] was registered against Taryn and his family and it brought together us raise voice against This.” He said “inept” CM It was made promote corruption as one’s own office It was for sale and it was for this reason that in the end he [Buzdar] had to retire.”

Asked for details of Taryn group deal with PML-N, MPA Langreal said, “No deal behind in groups decision to support Hamza to elect him as leader minister. We are not made any seating requirementsin next elections) or ministries”.

groupx support came to Hamza after the “sick” leaders Jehangir Tarin and Nawaz Sharif held a meeting in presence of former finance minister Ishak Dar in London. group aims to get seats in PML-N and Taryn wants PML-N to “close cases” against established by PTI government against to him. Taryn and his son Ali Taryn, facing 5 billion rupees money laundering case registered by FIA, Lahore.

While Taryn group claims that all its members vote for Hamza led by PTI coalition thinks differently. “On Sunday voting it will be interesting to see how many of Taryn group turn MPA up for in support of Hamza,” the PML-Q leader said. dawn.

He said PTI coalition candidate [for CM] Parvez Elahi would give surprise for the opposition, not only by providing votes from PTI legislators, but also from legislators PML-N.

Mr. Muniz previously together with three taryn group members came to the Punjab Assembly to demonstrate that group It was with Decree coalition.

Mr Hamza also has reached out in MPA Pakistan People’s Party who reportedly complained that they were not accepted into confidence PML-N for nomination of in CM candidate. PPPs have seven MPAs. in Punjab. Hamza met them at the provincial PPP secretariat in Model Town and assured them that their “demands” would met one day he will come to power.

Although another “angry” friend of Prime Minister Khan, MPA Alim Khan announced his support for Mr. Hamza, last visited him on Saturday to do sure what he will vote for to him. Hamza also met PTI MPA Asad Khokhar and Ijaz Masih who promised support for leader of the PML-N.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Hamza said that Prime Minister Khan should showed grace and left home. “Instead of of turning this country into naya (new) Pakistan, Imran has buried the old Pakistan with his incompetence and corruption,” the PML-N leader said, promising to steer the province towards “path of progress where it father (Shehbaz Sharif) had left this is before PTI took office.” He said Mr. Khan wants to stick power trying to create anarchy in country, but he failed.

In addition, PML-N Punjab spokesman Azma Bukhari alleged that Mr. Elahi tried to influence vote.

In the 371-member Punjab Assembly, PTI has 183 deputies, PML-Q 10, PML-N 165, PPP seven, five independents and one belonging to Rah-i-Hak. Candidate needs 186 votes become the leader minister.

Published in Dawn, April 3, 2022


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