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Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 11 Could Possibly have AI-Based Effects in the Near Future

The most recent Windows 11 preview release has fans searching for hidden features and hints for upcoming releases. Users discovered a new option for managing more recommendations in the Start menu, for instance, in build 25309. Many code lines that may indicate impending new personalization features driven by the powerful AI were also found.

Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 11 Could Possibly have AI-Based Effects in the Near Future_

Windows 11 build 25309 reportedly has multiple strings that allude to AI-powered effects for the desktop background, according to @XenoPanther and @PhantomOfEarth. “Depth effects,” “Parallax Background,” and “WallpaperMotion” were all mentioned in the build. Another phrase implies that Microsoft aims to employ AI to provide backdrop photos with a depth effect on compatible devices. Unfortunately, you cannot enable any of it in version 25309, so we must be patient and wait for Microsoft to release the new features in subsequent builds. Check out the latest Windows 12 idea that shows a revised desktop background system that changes depending on what is displayed on the screen.

More data is also needed to determine whether the impacts call for specialized brain processing units. However, the “use AI when available” statement suggests that users of conventional x86 CPUs like Intel and AMD would have no luck. Windows 11 can add a parallax effect to the lock screen wallpaper with just an accelerometer. Microsoft could develop a way to give folks not ready to upgrade their PCs a better desktop background.

AI-powered backdrops also note how Microsoft’s operating system’s new features are powered by machine intelligence. A Microsoft representative recently told The Verge that the business is looking into how to integrate AI into Windows to provide users with more potent experiences. These experiences could include studio effects for video conversations, studio effects for the desktop background, smart window snapping, and more. Microsoft also asserts that the taskbar’s latest feature update for Windows 11 includes AI. That is only a mindless shortcut to Edge and Bing, though.

Microsoft needs improved hardware integration to make its operating system more intelligent. According to a recent leak, Intel is already aware of the impending Windows 12 release. By the end of 2024, it might be ready for the public debut.


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