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Designer drones for Ukraine and defense ministers call on inventors in £25 million competition

British inventors were called upon to create new drones help Ukraine in a new competition.

Ministry of The Ministry of Defense (MoD) launched £25m. campaign fund for in design and delivery of equipment what can be used in battle.

Requirements for in competition divided into four categories, including artillery, in which proposals for support resupply of ammunition and maintenance of Soviet weapon systems of caliber 152 mm and 122 mm.

So be it also cover the coastal defenses with innovations that support containment of enemy naval forces.

Another category will military logistics and resupply, including maintenance as well as development of infrastructure for supply lines by sea and land.

Finally, the judges want see more unmanned aircraft systems from lethal impact to surveillance, electronic warfare and heavy lifting.

From the desktop to the front line

Jeremy Quinn, Defense Acquisition Minister said: “Because brutal Russia invasion British defense suppliers with active support from MO and DEiS [Defence Equipment & Support] have taken equipment from desktop ideas to cutting edge. This fund, worth over £25 million designed to capture continuous work as well as support innovative ideas towards Ukrainian defense requirements”.

Mr Quinn added that Britain’s reaction to the war in Ukraine showed “ingenuity and innovation of UK defense sector.

“We want to ensure creativity is used and directed to key requirements and all companies with ability that can help aware of in challenge,” he said.

In recent months, the MoD has been working closely with industries to rapidly develop capabilities such as heavy-lift unmanned aerial systems and loitering anti-tank munitions, as well as adapting existing weapon systems such as Brimstone integration for use as a ground weapon.

UK committed more than £2.8bn to support Ukraine through humanitarian aid and grants, as well as military kit including 120 armored vehicles, air protection systems and more more than 6500 anti-tank missiles.

While the initial focus will be on equipment that can be obtained and supplied in in next four months, there will be a swing for longer-term ability development.


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