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Desertion Decisions – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

TWO solutions are past week rewritten rules of Parliamentary democracy in Pakistan. First, the Supreme Court ruled that legislators vote against party directions in four scenarios out in Section 63A automatically nullifies them vote. Then the electoral commission of Pakistan ruled that 25 PTI legislators who voted in service of Hamza Shehbaz of PML-N – Chief of Punjab minister would be out of place for challenging them party – even if the technical prerequisites for they were not fired met.

The dissenting vote is therefore not only depreciated, but also also became sure-fire way of losing one place in Legislature.

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In the view of observers, the two rulings taken together effectively rendered section 63A invalid. Article in question has been inserted in Constitution to establish circumstances in which legislators will be considered to have formally deserted from their party and lay out procedure for throwing them out of their place.

Before the Supreme Court applied its own reading of Article 17 for the identification of “spirit” of Section 63A, the law does not state that a defector vote disregarded, allowing individuals whose principles prevented them from following party queue to exercise your eligibility in has the meaning of national import.

Second, Article 63A also paved out certain procedural rules determine if defectors had indeed acted in bad Vera. Among them was a notice of in the partydirections to its legislators, as well as a provision requesting party head to formally seek explanations from defectors regarding cause of their violation of party directions. However, the EKP decision apparently considered these measures insignificant, thereby depriving the defectors of any protection from unfair disqualification.

To ensure loyalty to the party, even if in just four scenarios, sign of structural flaws in democratic system, which are not for Supreme Court or ECP for correction. By setting aside existing law to enact their own “solutions” to the political problem, the two institutions have not really resolved the crisis at hand.

Instead Punjab government was thrown into even more chaos that will only cause further litigation in coming days. If the political leadership past legislative attempts to solve the problem of desertion were considered insufficient, the issue should were transferred to parliament.

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beauty of legislative system is that it requires a broad consensus in the adoption of legislation on constitutional affairs. Revision of desertion laws with collective mind of at least two thirds of parliament would give more subtle update of Article 63A. Political parties understand the intricacies of domesticated politics better than any court. This is should Was left in their opinion, to agree on way out of this mess.

Published in Dawn, May 23, 2022

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