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DESD held a ceremony dedicated to World First Aid Day

LAHORE: 1122 Rescue Organizes World First Aid Day Ceremony in Lahore Rescue Command and Control Center here on Saturday.

A large number of of Scouts-rescuers, rescuers and senior The ceremony was attended by members of the Lahore District Emergency Services Headquarters. The chief guest was the Director General of the Punjab Emergency Services Department (PESD), Dr. Rizwan Nasir. of Ceremony.

On this occasion, Dr. Rizwan Nasir said that the 1122 Rescue Service provided first helping the 11.11 million victims of emergencies and mission of The rescue service must first assistant in each home.

He also emphasized that Spasatel-1122 was trained over 200,000 volunteers through various programs and over 5,000 Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) have been set up at the Union Council level. for development of safer communities.

Dr. Rizvan invited all citizens download Pak Life Saver mobile app or cpr.gov.pk for online first assistance training and certification followed by manual practice of life saving skills to the nearest rescue station.

He also was a witness first volunteer-led help demonstrations at various kiosks on CPR, hemorrhage control, spinal injury, splinting, and the spine board bias. Meanwhile, a training program was developed. also organized in Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) on World First Aid Day on Saturday. Punjab Safe Cities Authority staff and police Communication The officers were trained by Spasatel-1122.

in teaching, participants said how ensure timely first to help in emergency situation. Spasatel-1122 conducted training for Safe City employees on life saving skills such as fire struggle, first assistance and CPR. Simple Methods of Salvation was also taught during training.

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