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DeSantis Appointed Judge Signals Florida Congressional Card Is Unconstitutional for declining black representation

Judge J. Lane Smith, appointed by DeSantis to the 2nd Circuit Court of Florida, stated during the hearing that he intended issue Order granting an injunction that would prevent the card from falling into effect. Smith said the card violated the state constitution “because it reduces the number of African Americans.” ability elect a representative of their choice.”

The order may come as soon like Thursday. A spokesperson for DeSantis said the judge’s decision would “certainly” be appealed.

“As Judge Smith hinted, these complex constitutional issues of The law will always be decided at the appellate level. We will no doubt be appealing his decision and we are confident that the constitutional card has been passed by the Florida legislature and signed into law. passes legal check. We are looking forward protect him,” spokeswoman Taryn Fenske said. in statement.

The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature pushed through the state law. new congressional boundaries along party lines in controversial April special session. Approved card, put forward DeSantis, controversially eliminated two counties represented by black Democrats and would have given the Republicans an edge in as many as 20 of 28 districts.

DeSantis claimed that Florida’s 5th congressional district, currently presented by Democrat Al Lawson was unconstitutional because stretched 150 miles to connect Tallahassee to Jacksonville.

But Smith said during the hearing that the area has historical roots. in Once settled black communities along the Florida-Georgia border with plantations. He added that his hands were tied by precedent set State Supreme Court, which last decade set area borders years later of legal battles and the state constitution, which says redistribution plan cannot reduce ability of minority residents to “elect representatives of their choice.”

The card signed by DeSantis was reduced from four to two. of areas where blacks live up a bunch of of voters known as blacks access areas. In addition to eliminating Lawson’s seat, the map of the state also reduced the percentage of Black voters in Florida’s 10th congressional district, Orlandoarea seat represented by Rep. Val Demings, a black Democrat who is now running for office for US Senate. DeSantis office achieved this by moving the area east towards whiter communities.

Florida State House of Representatives Kelly Skidmore, ranking Democrat on subcommittee on re-election districts, said in Wednesday’s statement: “It doesn’t matter how repeatedly tried to justify it should It’s no surprise to the governor and this Republican-led legislature that the card is a violation of Amendments to the Legislative District of Florida and the US Constitution”.

Earlier this year, Florida lawmakers approved another map and backup in case court found in first one unconstitutional. However, DeSantis vetoed it. in March and later summoned legislators back in special session Approve new boundaries of Congress. The card, which was approved and signed by law, was drawn from DeSantis office.

Smith suggested that the cards vetoed by DeSantis could serve as a basis for cards used in elections of 2022.

DeSantis Nominates Smith to District Court in 2020. Smith previously served as an appointed district judge in 2015 by then governor. Rick Scott, Republican who is currently a junior US state senator.

Republicans currently have a 16-11 advantage in US House of Representatives delegation in Florida. State added 28th district in the 2020 United States Census.

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