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Delhi court asks CBI to withdraw LOC against Ex-Amnesty India chief Akar Patel

Meat shop ban Delhi In the past, during Navratri, outfits Under the banner of Samiti they took to the streets to “order” shop Owners to close their meat shops. (representative)

The Delhi Minority Committee (DMC) released on Thursday show cause Notices to Mayors and Commissioners of The three municipal bodies are seeking an explanation on “System” for shut Meat shops During Navratri.

On Monday, MCD Southern Mayor Mukesh Suryan sent a letter to the civilian body authorized with Instructions that all meat shops should He is shut. The mayor of the Middle East was Shyam Sundar Agarwal also made Similar call.

The Delhi Police Licensing Unit issued a gun license to a man who He was shot during the riots in north-east Delhi two years ago.

Police said the man, Rohit Shukla, who he is also See in Another case, she was receiving threats from “unknown Parties’ and their application for license. After due verification of the local police and specialized units, the police introduced the man with one.


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