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Dehradun doctor who She ‘yelled at’ Health Security’s wife resigned after being transferred; Inquiry orders

Dehradun: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dami canceled the deal on Friday of A based in Dehradun government It ordered an investigation into her allegations that she was “harassed by order of the Minister of Health, Pankaj Pandey”.

Dr. Nadi Yunyal, Assistant professor at Government Medical College and Hospital (GDMCH), She was allegedly removed after she refused to apologize to the health secretary’s wife who Have resorted to ‘unpleasant language”insulting her”profession and behavior”, while undergoing a medical examination-up Thursday.

The doctor also said she delivered in her resignation soon After reaching know of He moved her Thursday, because she “wasn’t able to compromise her self-esteem.” The letter of resignation, in the title of which states that “in Protest of bossy behavior of secretary (Health)”, to Pandey.

President minister’s decision The cancellation of the transfer of Uniel came after he held a meeting with State Health Minister Dan Singh Rawat.

Dami said in a statement issued on Friday afternoon: “The transfer of Dr. Nadhi Yoyal has been cancelled government He ordered an investigation to investigate the allegations made against her. President secretary of The state was asked to form a high-level committee to investigate the matter.”

Health Minister Pandey told ThePrint that Dr Yonial’s transfer was routine, and there was no “bad intention as she claims”. he is added Now that her transfer has been cancelled, she will have to”prove Her claims “if she chooses not to withdraw her resignation, for Which “will give plenty of time”.

ThePrint has arrived at Uniyal for a comment via Calls and messages, but no response by time of Publish this report.

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the allegations

On Friday, a video started making a file rounds on social media Where Dr. Yonal recounted an incident she said took place in Bandi official Accommodation the day before.

“I’m along with Three other employees had to go see the health secretary’s wife who She was sick… I visited her home and duly examined her, but arrival of The blood pressure monitor was delayed because it was kept in The car said in video clip.

“When we got there, I asked her to lie down on Bed for He asked me for a proper examination team Members to bring a BP tool… secretary wife looked at us And he said with sarcasm, “I’m looking at you”, in a bad Ringtone, ring. She yelled at me, “What kind of Doctor you who Doesn’t carry a BP (sic) range,” the doctor said as well.

Dr. Uniyal alleged that the health secretary’s wife resorted to “unpleasant words” that “degrade her”.profession And the behavior you “objected to”.

“I couldn’t stand her obscenity and went back to my outpatient clinic work At Don Medical College and beyond left for a lecture. On my return from the lecture, the management forced me to say sorry to the secretary’s wife, which I refused, “Hey added.

Later that evening, Dr Yonial said she was transferred from GDMCH to Suban Singh Jena Medical College. in Almora, adding that she then decided to resign because she “wasn’t able to compromise” with Her “self-respect”.

“Given these inconveniences at the request of The secretary (Health), I hereby resign from post of Assistant professor with a plea This action must begin against The concerned secretary wrote the doctor in Her resignation letter to Pandey, accessed by ThePrint.

Copied of Message has been sent to CMthe health ministerthe managers of GDMCH and Suban Singh Jena Medical College, Almora.

You will have to prove Harassment, says health security

Contacted by ThePrint, Health Minister Pankaj Pandey said the Uniyal was transferred as per the criteria of the National Medical Commission (NMC): “It was a routine transfer as there were vacancies in Almora Medical College. However, the president minister Move it off. There was no ill will as you claimed.”

On the allegations of “harassment” made by the doctor, Pandey said, “Resignation and transfer are separate matters. Now that her transfer has been cancelled, there can be two ways for Resign her either withdraw it or hold on with He. She. If you fail to withdraw, the doctor will have to do so prove Its claims, you will get plenty of time for The same.”

In response to a question about Dr. Uniyal’s claim that GDMCH management forced her to apologize to his wife, Pandey said he did not wish to comment on The same.

(Edited by Gitanjali Das)

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