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*defamatory statements against Sharad Pawar: Marathi actor Kitaki Shetali released

In May, Shitali allegedly shared a poem on Her Facebook account, attributed to someone else, only mentioned the nickname (Pawar) and Omar (80). but that also He referred to physical ailments and 81-year- The old NCP leader suffers from. Apart from the FIR presented in Kalua, Chitali also faced FIR in other parts of state, including in Pune and pembri.

In the Kalwa case, Chitale was booked on charges relating to Sections 500 (defamation), 501 (printing or engraving material known to be libelous), and 505(2) (statements leading to public Harm) of Indian Penal Code.

Shetali told the court that the police had not complied with Developed down procedures during her arrest. Her lawyers are Ganshyam Upadhyay and Yogesh Deshpande also He said that the Bombay High Court was on On Tuesday, temporary bail was granted to Nikhil Bamri, a resident of Nashik, who I was also Arrested for He is allegedly posting a defamatory statement. Preventing the Supreme Police Council from arresting by order in Two more fir until another hearing in for him plea Three weeks later.

Meanwhile, it was Shitali last The week approached the High Commissioner in pursuit of a crush of more From 20 FIRs against to her. She was released on bail in Connection with A case brought by the Rapal Police for Offenses by Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prohibition of atrocities).

Sheetal plea She said that the kidney police should Give her notice under Section 41A of The Code of Criminal Procedure, which requires the investigating officer to do so issue notice of Appearance by arrest he is made.


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