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Days after Sidhu Moosewala’s murder in Punjab says It will restore security of 424 VIPs as of June 7

The statement was made from Punjab government Before bench of Judge Raj Mohan Singh. the state government also She submitted her report in Sealed lid.

detailed order in The matter has not yet been released.

Security Notification of The 424 VVIPs were dated May 26th.

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The Punjab and Haryana High Court had asked the state during a previous hearing to file the related lawsuit material in Tight lid for examining of court in Request to see if the withdrawal /downScale/Declassify of Safety of beneficiaries on the basics of objective data.

was to the court also ask punjab government to report in respect of Order dated May 11, 2022, in progress available in The public Domain and related information About whether it has become public on the account of any RTI information or leak or in collusion of Somebody access in the order in be the question also Brought on record by the delayed date.

The Supreme Court considers a petition submitted by former vice president minister of Punjab and Congress leader, Om Parkash Soni, seek to crush of Order dated May 11, 2022, declassifying his “Z” insurance paper and locking it personnel It was withdrawn.

Lawyer Mado Dial counsel for Sonny claimed before the Supreme Court that the Punjab police had withdrawn the security cover of 184 former ministers and former MLAs on a “pick Choosing the basis rather than visualizing the actual threat “after formation.” of The current AAP government.

“Withdrawal is result of The populist actions of the government instead of evaluation of Serious real threat to life of those people…. Z+ class security provided to Arvind Kejriwal, Chief MinisterDelhi, and Raghav Chadha, MP, Rajya Sabha, Punjab, among others,” Dayal said.

he is also pointing to out Before bench This is just reading of Report showed that the protectors list I was “more Politically motivated rather than on the basics of Perception of the threat.


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