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Dauntless Patch Notes 1.90 Update Today on August 27, 2022 – Game Updates

A new Game Update has been released for Dauntless Update 1.90 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes below. Dauntless Update 1.90 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

  • Approaching a player will now show their guild tag and equipped title in the overhead player card
  • Titles in all cases will be displayed in a colour matching their rarity.


  • Parts I, II, and IV for all six rumours in the series have been redesigned to remove Hand In objectives and focus more on activities that should be completed on The Blazeworks.


  • Changed Part IV objective from “Hand In” to “Collect”.
  • Reduced Part IV amount of Agarus mushrooms required from 20 to 9.
  • Removed the specific requirement to complete objectives within Escalations in Part II, III, and V objectives.
  • Changed Toxic Sporescale drop condition from “on any Sporestruck Charrogg part breaks while aether-charged” to “on Sporestruck Charrogg leg, firesac, or tail break while aether-charged”.
  • Increased Part IV Toxic Sporescale requirement from 6 to 8.
  • Renamed the Furious Sporeheart break part to Furious Sporeskull.
  • Changed Furious Sporeskull drop condition from “on any Sporestruck Charrogg part breaks while enraged” to “on Sporestruck Charrogg head break while enraged”.
  • Charrogg and Sporestruck Charrogg’s back legs can now be broken again.
  • Valomyr’s back legs can now be broken again.
  • Heroic and Patrol escalation hunts now properly count towards the “On the Up and Up” achievement.
  • Quest objectives now update while on islands, no longer requiring Slayers to return to Ramsgate or visit a different island to update their quest tracker.
  • A number of objective descriptions now more clearly state the action Slayers must take to progress.
  • Rumour quests are now marked by the correct blue rumour icon in the compass in Ramsgate.
  • The Flight of the Infinite emote now summons the wing effects at the start of the animation.

Source: Dauntless

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