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DataRobot has come into Formula 1 as a partner at McLaren Racing

DataRobot provides a unified platform for organizations in all industries to realize the full potential of AI and achieve a clear impact to achieve their business goals. They are currently helping the world’s leading companies with more than a trillion forecasts. Its customers include one in three of the world’s fifty largest companies

As part of the new connection, DataRobot’s AI Cloud technology platform will be integrated into McLaren Racing’s infrastructure. This allows them to make AI-based predictions and gain insight to maximize performance and optimize simulations. , Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo

“DataRobot is a leader in its field, offering its innovative technology and platform to the world’s leading companies. McLaren Racing remains at the forefront of innovation and in technology, and partnerships with companies like DataRobot allow us to grow, improve and support our team in our ongoing quest for optimal performance. CEO of Racing

Dan Wright, CEO of DataRobot, replied: “Formula 1 has a long tradition of pushing the boundaries of racing, constantly innovating to give riders and teams a unique advantage in one of the world’s most competitive sports. DataRobot is excited to partner with McLaren Racing to launch the next generation of racing, leveraging artificial intelligence to transform millions of data into insights for optimizing team strategy, operations and performance. This innovative partnership brings together the most advanced platforms in racing and AI, where every millisecond is key. “

However, the new technology delivered by DataRobot can be used not only in F1 but also by McLaren. Indycar, as well as a new motorsport category from 2022, when it launches a team in the Extreme E, a series of off-road racing with innovative all-electric cars that draws attention to the effects of climate change.

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