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Dartmouth liquidates loans for students

Dartmouth College cancels all federal and institutional loans from its students financial aid awards and their replacement with extended scholarships starting with in current summer termthe school president said.

Currently Dartmouth Undergraduates from Families with annual income of $125,000 or less who have a typical assets offered needhelp without required credit component.

Dartmouth is now waiving the loan requirement for undergraduates from families with annual income of more over $125,000 who Receive need-based on financial to help. This will decrease in debt cargo for hundreds of average income Dartmouth students and their average families of $22,000 over four years, they said at school in a news release on Monday.

Fundraising started in The 2018 Call for Leadership reinforced Dartmouth’s commitment to making higher education accessible and affordable. for the most promising and talented students from all over the world world and from all economic walks, said President Philip Hanlon.

Dartmouth College to replace loans with extended scholarships.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Supported over 65 families. campaign goal liquidate a loan requirements from Dartmouth Undergraduate financial rewards for helping more more than 80 million dollars in gifts to donation.

Dartmouth joining Ivy League Colleagues Brown University Columbia University Harvard University of Pennsylvania and Yale University in Adopt a no-lending policy, Dartmouth reported.


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