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DARPA would measure the information control practices of authoritarian regimes

The Agency for Advanced Defense Research (DARPA) is looking for innovative research concepts that can help understand how authoritarian regimes control information.

Maintaining control over information has always been essential for authoritarian regimes. However, digital technologies add new tools to censorship for nations such as China, which is famous for monitoring its own citizens.

intends to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology to measure “how digitally authoritarian regimes oppress the population through the Internet, through censorship, blocking or repression” – read the SAM.gov entry

“The technology developed by MICE will be constantly and automatically updated and fed into easy-to-understand dashboards to provide a comprehensive, real-time picture of how countries conduct domestic information verification,” the entry reads.

Currently, according to DARPA, censorship measurement techniques are insufficient because they are not comprehensive, durable and demonstrable. Under MICE, the speakers will build open-source prototypes in two phases to address these shortcomings, says the program document.

This shows that such a capability would allow Pantagon to strengthen its role in cyberspace. the fight against repression. DARPA listed six topics that applications should address:

  • Which parts of the information environment are targeted.
  • Scope and granularity of the measurement
  • Where and how the information is planned to be collected
  • How it will be monitored keep track of changes in the information environment over time
  • Presentation in a form that is easy for end-users or analysts to understand
  • How to use it technology developed in the framework of MICE by governmental or non-governmental organizations interested in Internet freedom

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