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Daniel Defense – Creator of “Perfect Rifle” shooter Uvalde – a sudden exit from the NRA convention

On Memorial Day weekend, when we honor those who died in service to our country, a company that made weapons of war is used to kill nineteen children and two adults in Texas elementary school planned to sell its merchandise on gun an annual collective disgrace to the industry.

But in in aftermath of massacre on tuesday in Uvalde, Daniel Defens, no longer planned join all other speculators of cruel death at the NRA convention this weekend in Houston.

Up until Wednesday noon, the company was scheduled to occupy booth 4839, conveniently located next to a coffee shop in the George R. Brown Convention Center, with the NRA terms “14 acres of guns and gear”.

“GIFTS, DEMO, Celebrity Appearances & MORE!” Daniel Defense promised online.

items on display would include a DDM4 V7 rifle, model used with so terrible effect at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

“Perfect rifle for Everyone,” commercial by Daniel Defense. says.

roster of exhibitors indicate that booth 4839 was occupied over the NRA itself. Offers there will now include: “Membership programs and services, on a commission basis dealer programsmanufacturer programslegislative initiatives and awareness, firearms training, education and safety programsDevelopment NRA, Foundation, Friends of NRA and NRA Publications”.

Daniel Defense can still benefit from Tuesday’s report horror. The company said the 2012 massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut increased sales to people fearful of an assault weapons ban.

Now 100 million dollars a year.year the company was founded 59-year- old Marty Daniel of Georgia. He started out making garage doors after failure out of Georgia Southern University twice before finally graduating. Company history on This website suggests that he might not have gone into arms if he had been a better golfer.

“Daniel Defense got his start because golf marty game sucked. He would spend most of his free time unwinds on golf course, until one day a friend invited him to shoot with his AR, story says. “Every shot he fired filled him with with a satisfaction he had never experienced before. Marty would purchase his first AR is the same year”.

What happened in 1999. He made his own first gun ten years later. It was DDM4 V1. M4 indicates a relationship with the military M4, which was produced by Colt. for US armed forces. Daniel joined Bushmaster and Smith & Wesson and other companies in sale of variations on weapon of war on the civilian population.

“LIBERTY. PASSION. PRECISION,” was his trademark advertising mantra.

He was soon good enough to make the commercial he was hoping for air during Super Bowl 2014. This featured fictional former Marine in home with his wife is watching down on their baby.

“My family safety my highest priority, narrator says. “I responsible for them protection and no one has the right to tell me how protect them. So, I chose the most effective tool for Job… Daniel Defense“.

The ad was deemed inappropriate by the NFL and it was never aired. Daniel Defense went on to make other variations and went uncensored when he tweeted the photo. in which the young man cradles semi- automatic rifle sitting on carpet floor.

“Train up child in in way is he should go and, when you grow old, will not depart from him, ”the signature read.


The tweet was posted on May 16, when Salvador Ramos turned 18 years old. He was also three years old. young to buy beer in Texas but old enough to buy two AR-15 type assault rifles in in next two days. Along with 375 rounds of cartridges 5.56. One of armament was DDM4 V7.

Receipt for in online purchase posted on Instagram account linked with Ramos shows in price was $1,870 plus sales tax of $154.28, for a total of 2024.28 USD. Ramos also posted a photo of his two rifles.

“My gun pictures,” he wrote. in accommodation in young he had a woman met online.

He might as well say “dick photo”. You do not need a psychiatrist to divine the attraction of this weapon for regrettably unreliable young men who longing to become alpha instantly.

Ramos left another rifle in his grandmother’s pickup truck truck when he was driving up to school late Tuesday morning. DDM4 V7 was his weapon of choice when he burst inside to start shoot children.

The local school district has implemented numerous security protocols and has its own police department. One of his officers confronted Ramos and two of Uvalde’s police officers responded soon after.

But everything of it was not an immediate effect defense against Daniel Defense product. The firepower of the weapon allowed Ramos kill 21 people including teacher married one of school district police. Ramos had at least seven magazines with thirty rounds each and he kept firing until he was killed heroic US Border Patrol Agent.

Of course, carnage of 19 Young Men Weren’t Going To Discourage The NRA From Going On with its convention. Former President Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott made it is known that they will still address the congregation.

Anyone who called Daniel Defense main amount on On Wednesday, a message came that no one was there. available and to call back. Marty Daniel could not be contacted. Daniel Defense’s Twitter account has been restricted to approved followers and request for this reporter’s approval was left “pending.”

But in In the early evening, the company responded to the message left with owner’s wife, Cindy Daniel.

“It’s a sad day for sure”said spokesman Steve Reid.

After a while, an e-mail received a statement from the company.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic events in Texas this week. Our thoughts and prayers go out families and community devastated by this evil deed. As reported in Governor Abbott’s press conference, we understand firearms were used in in attack was manufactured by Daniel Defense. We will cooperate with all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in their investigations. We will save families of victims and the whole Uvalde community in our thoughts and our prayers.”

Reed did not answer a question about the company and the NRA convention. But check of in roster showed that Daniel Defense will no longer have official presence at the opening of the exhibition hall on Friday. With or without Stand 4839 Daniel Defense remain one of the most profitable suppliers of semi- automatic rifles. His website says it has DDMP4 V7 in stock.

And families in Uvalde preparing to bury 19 dead children..


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