Dallas Flash flood warning: Water rescue work in progress in region how is summer worth of it’s raining in day

flood warnings for Dallas and Tarrant counties remain open until 4:00 pm Central Time (5:00 pm ET) on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. Over 4 million Texans in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington are on flood warnings. of flood- endangered places, including rivers and streams, at present or in the near future.
hundreds of road accidents also reported, according to the Dallas Police Department, which responded to rescue calls along with in Fort Worth Fire Department and Dallas Fire-Rescue, the agencies said. via social media and representatives.
Nearly 15 million people from northeast Texas to northern Louisiana and far southern Arkansas are covered flood watch from the same system which caused heavy rains and flash floods this weekend in parts of Southwest.
Parts of Dallas got all summer worth of rain from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning, with over 10 inches, according to the National Weather Service. What rate only expected once in 100 years, on average. Dallas also there is over 3 inches of rain in just one one in the morning — about 1-in-fifty-year rainfall rate as estimated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“I never experienced anything like this is in my whole life,” Brittany Taylor said. who moved into her apartment in Dallas just two days before the flood on Monday morning left most of her things are ruined flood.

Taylor woke up up around 3 am to sound of pouring rain and couldn’t fall back sleeping because sound of leaks, she told CNN.

“All the cardboard boxes started to crumble, so a lot of my things started falling into the water. i lost a lot of my stuff,” she said, adding that renter’s insurance doesn’t cover flood losses.

Fast-rising trapped water vehicles around 3 am on Interstate 30 in Dallas, Cassondra Anna May Stuart said, who took video of dark, watery scene.

“I could back up on ramp to get off highway, she said. – I took alternative route home … although most of the streets are flooded down right there.”

Around the same time “trained weather observers have reported major flash floods continuing in Dallas. with numerous roads and vehicles are flooded, including Interstate 30 and Interstate 45 near downtown Dallas.” flood warning Statement posted at 3:21 am

Two to 4 inches more of rain possible by Monday afternoon in places that already Got 10 inches between Sunday noon and Monday noon, show radar and rain gauge reports. “Additional flash flood in nearest Dallas/Fort Worth area May result in life-threatening flash floods,” the Weather Forecast Center warned.

In some places it can reach a foot or more of rain in 24 hours before event ends to stretch frequency in 1-in-500-year range.

Other major cities in Monday flood the surveillance area includes Austin, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana. region is under moderate — Level 3 of four — risk of excessive rainfall. Precipitation of 2 to 3 inches per hour were observed as storms. move slowly through area, creating potential for up up to 3 to 5 inches of precipitation.

BUT sign of “climate whip”

Dallas-area the flood comes in concert with “sudden drought” developed over it’s very dry year through Texas. Exceptional drought – highest designation — present over Dallas and Tarrant counties and blankets more how quarter of state.

“Above last half-year rainfall deficit of 8 inches to local over legs have affected areas of central Texas near and to the south of Dallas / Ft. Worth a visit to the Gulf Coast,” Drought Monitor said Thursday.

But this rainfall deficit will be virtually wiped out after Monday. in Dallas, though there will still be a big deficit remain for other areas of Texas.

Human-caused climate change has increased the potential for of such kind of weather whip, in what a dramatic swing in periods of drought and heavy rainfall occur more often.

larger share of precipitation in recent years have been “intensive one-day events”, and the probability of sudden transitions from severe drought to heavy rain will become more common on the planet is warming, scientists say. Indeed, nine of best 10 years for extreme one- daily precipitation events have happened since 1996.
Precipitation over the earth has become more frequent and more intensive with every degree of warming since the 1980s It’s because it’s warmer. air can keep more storm-causing water like Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas in 2017 to not only cause storm surges and destructive winds, but also cause more severe internal floods.

Rainfall on Monday pushed this month into the third wettest month of August. on record for Dallas-Fort Worth area, with more than 7 inch in all so far – the most precipitation has been observed in month since 1915.

upcoming of flooding in Texas, rain continued on Sunday in parts of Arizona and New Mexico after the flood in previous days in parts of Southwest.

In Utah, tourists were “spotted” on Friday. off their legs” in Zion National Park in the blink of an eye flood. Search and rescue team members of the park were working to find a missing hiker near the Virginia River, the park said on Saturday.

In New Mexico, about 160 people had to take cover in place for several hours in Carlsbad Caverns National Park on Saturday because of flood, City of Carlsbad said in Facebook post.

The park was closed on Sunday, the National Park Service said. “Operational teams will begin evaluate and remove debris from the roadway,” the National Park Service said. added.

CNN meteorologist Monica Garrett contributed to this report.


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