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Cyclone Asani Live Tracker, Red Alert in ap, rain in Andhra Pradesh, India, weather updates, Delhi – NCR India heat waves, weather news today live, IMD alert news, 11 May 2022, weather forecast today latest news

Today's weather forecast, Typhoon Asani news Beach guards urged people Do not go near the sea during Hurricane Asani in Gulf of Bengal, at Puri beach, Monday, May 9, 2022 (PTI Photo)

When a hurricane hits a country, the first The thing that astounds the minds of Most of what these names mean. In 2000, a group of Countries called WMO / ESCAP (World Meteorological Organization / United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific), which includes Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand, decided start naming hurricanes in The region. After sending each country in WMO/ESCAP Team Suggestions on Tropical cyclones (PTC) ended list.

WMO/ESCAP expanded to include five more countries in 2018 – Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

The list of 169 names of hurricanes issued by IMD in April 2020 Provided By Those countries 13 suggestions from each one of the 13 countries.

Adoption of names for Hurricanes make it easier for people To remember, unlike numbers and technology terms. part of general publicHe. She also helps scientists communityThe mediadisaster managers etc. also Easy to identify individual tornadoes, create awareness of that it developmentWarnings are published quickly to increase community Prepare and remove confusion as there are multiple cyclone systems over a region.

super hurricanes in India, Bangladesh: Expected numbers of people at risk of severe flooding rise enormously

a new study has found who – which super Hurricanes are likely to have a lot more devastating effect on people in South Asia in future years. The paper has been published in Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (Climate Resilience and Sustainability) on Monday – The day the Indian Meteorological Department was tracking Asani, classified as a severe cyclonic storm and expected to weaken into a cyclone.

The research led by the university of Bristol, including scientists from Bangladesh, have looked at the 2020 Supercyclone Amphan, the most costly You have a hurricane made land in South Asia. Expect the consequences in different scenarios of sea ​​level rise due to global Heating.

“Extremely severe” cyclone Fani and “Super Cyclone” Amphan cause chaos in Odisha and West Bengal respectively. By contrast, Hurricane Asani is expected to graze only the coast, not make landfall. Its expected repetitive behavior when approaching the southern coast of Odisha is likely to be similar of Hurricane Jawad although Asani’s path doesn’t do that match with who – which of A horse that has been formed in Gulf of Bengal last December.


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