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Cyberpunk's 'smart engine' comes from science fiction


In May of this year, we reported on Austrian motorcycle manufacturer Horwin’s ultra-fast-charging electric motorcycle, and now we’re mentioning their name because the company shared two eye-catching designs with an interested audience at the EICMA 2022 motorcycle show, which ended on November 13, writes RideApart.

According to the newspaper, Senments 0 and Senmenti X models opens a new chapter in the world of motorcycles and electric vehicles. The design of electric scooters, also known as “bio-machines”, took advantage of the fact that, thanks to the electric drive, there is no need to adhere to the limitations of two-wheeled vehicles equipped with a gasoline engine. This can be seen from the spectacular design, but it is not only the appearance that distinguishes Horwin engines from the competition.

Horwin Senmenti X could appear in any cyberpunk movie (Photo: Horwin)

The two motors—more precisely, the first electric scooter and the second motor—were equipped with astonishing technological sophistication. 30 cameras and sensors were shoved into the Senmenti 0 case, what a machine, deep learning (deep learning) is controlled by the algorithm. Through this system, the electric scooter can recognize the rider’s habits as well as analyze the environment and adjust the driving performance and driving dynamics accordingly. Self-balancing technology also helps make driving safer.

Electric scooter against thieves is also known from Tesla sentry mode protects, with the help of which the owner can see at any time what is happening around his car, and in case of its theft, you can also track its exact location.

The designers also thought about the current younger generation: the artificial intelligence installed on the on-board computer of the scooter can automatically take a selfie or even a video in motion if it considers that the environment is suitable for a spectacular photo.

The Senmenti 0 electric scooter adapts to its rider using machine learning (Photo: Horwin)

The Senmenti 0 is also equipped with rider support systems that any modern rider would envy: the scooter warns if it feels in danger of a collision, it has blind spot monitoring, traction control and a mode designed for descending steep slopes. Another handy feature is that the windshield automatically rises above the body when needed, and the steering wheel can be heated, which is sure to please many in the cold winter months.

The noticeably more mature electric motor accelerates the scooter from standstill to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and top speed is 200 km/h in the Senmenti 0 saddle. .2 kilowatt-hours provides a range of 300 kilometers on a single charge. By the way, the scooter can also be charged with Tesla Superchargers in about 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the other model, the Senmenti X electric motor, on YouTube you can only find a video shot at EICMA 2022, where you can get to know the design better.

The company’s website has the same information as the Senmenti O, but we’d be surprised if the apparently larger and custom-designed engine didn’t get a stronger drive chain than the scooter’s.

While it’s clearly a concept for the latest car, Horvin hasn’t said if either of the two models will be commercialized, so no pricing details yet.

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