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Customs confiscated vehicles disappear from warehouse

ISLAMABAD: gap between customs exemptions and warehouse stock of vehicles appeared in in warehouse of directorate of special intelligence, Lahore points to massive misappropriation of government assets by or with connivance of customs officers.

Sources report that between of withdrawals and recordings in warehouse registers (DA register) in most of customs formations, including intelligence agencies throughout the country, but customs evade counting these two registries, allegedly because they know any such check would uncover massive misappropriation by customs officers.

Pakistan Customs store two types of registers, including the register of seizures and warehouse register, commonly known as the DA register.

Seizure register shows number of vehicles or other contraband goods seized while the DA register contains record of seized goods are stored in customs warehouse.

Sources revealed that there were horrendous and eye-opening gaps between recordings. of these two registers in almost every formation of the customs field in which customs officers work, including high-ranking officials. of The department sought to hide and conceal.

Recently there was an audit team indicated out who grabbed vehicles we found missing at the customs warehouseIslamabad how many seized vehicles were illegally handed over to the authorities of customs department and other high-ranking public office holders who could help customs officers who illegal distribution of vehicles recruit and renew posts on profitable money posting positions. The seized customs officers showered the confiscated vehicles on Any one who could help they make money or could help they prevent the consequences of their corruption.

Member customs operations told this scribe that currently audit of SWH, Islamabad was about to on check records.

He said that in the formation of each field of customs enforcement, there is a continuous process of detention of goods, seizure and confiscation of goods and release of goods through auctions.

The Member of Customs Operations also reported that, in accordance with customs regulations, periodic inventory in customs warehouses were registered. What’s more, he added staff of auditor general of Pakistan held regular checks customs records, files and registries.

However, contrary to all these claims of member of customs operations, employee of customs intelligence and investigation in his letter to the State Duma for customs intelligence showed that a huge number of seized goods placed in reconnaissance SWHs in Lahore were absent, which is why the previous deputy custodian of tableware house avoided passing over seized goods to him for proper delivery over exercise, and that previous keeper asked him to take charge on the foundation of carried out previous inventory in February 2022 However, it added the previous inventory report was not valid and correct as this report was written about six months ago and did not take into account so many fresh goods deposited in and so many old withdrawals issued from warehouse for the period.

customs officer also indicated out that the majority of bidders of auctioned item refused to take delivery of goods put up for auction from the state customs. warehouse for the reasons why the deputy guardian of in warehouse did not have in habit of delivery complete the quantity of goods put up for auction to bidders. A letter from a customs officer to the State Duma for Customs Intelligence helps confirm in fact that many seized goods, including those seized vehicles disappear from customs warehouses by collusion of junior and bad control of customs authorities.

Sources say dignitaries of customs intelligence was terribly silent in cause.

Upon contact, the customs intelligence of the State Duma said that they would check this issue. on Monday, since it was before publication of new team in customs intelligence department. At the same time, the sources added conspiracy in a hat of in senior customs officers in misappropriation of seized goods and their verbal distancing from these appropriations on one preposition or other was a common part in life cycle of Fraud with loss of customs revenue.

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