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CUET-UG 2022 Phase 2: NTA Canceled second Transformation of Exam after technical obstacle

The second phase of CUET UG 2022 encountered a major technical obstacle on Thursday, force over 50,000 candidates across the country to return from centers without taking the exam as the National Testing Agency (NTA) failed To download question papers on time.

NTA, which is independent body under the ministry of education, announced that candidates who was to be seated for The test on Thursday Time slots will now be allocated between August 12-14.

“Same recognition card will be valid for The concerned Candidates who had their exams postponed”NTA senior director (Exams) Sadhana Parashar said in a permit. August 20 is last Date of The second phase of entrance for which were 14.4 lakh recordings made.

Thursday, glitches first surfaced in 41 centers in 29 cities in Approximately 4,000 candidates who were appointed in the morning period (9-12.15pm) were affected.

Apart from Delhi and Ladakh, the affected centers were located in 15 states: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Ladakh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bengal Western.

Candidates affected by glitches in The hatch should appear in the morning for the exam on August 12, the NTA said. many of They discovered that their exams were only rescheduled after they arrived at their centres. “he was not there information on The official website. center just Tell us The exam has been cancelled. Later, a friend showed me the notice on Twitter, “Runojoy Mukherjee, who You were supposed to take the exam at one of the centers in Noida, Sector 64, told The Indian Express.

Later in Today, glitches took roll for The worst, the laundry out Entire second The opening (3-6.45 p.m.), affecting all 489 positions in India in In which nearly 50,000 candidates were supposed to appear, according to the NTA official. “In the second Slot, all 61 cards are affected. Can not be loaded on time,” added The official.

“Because of Technical reasons, question paper for The second Transformation of The test can only be uploaded at 5 pm and download In 489 centers can start At 5.25 pm, when the exam was scheduled begin From three o’clock in the afternoon,” NTA . said in a permit.

Affected candidates belonging to second Slot A . will be given new The time and date is between August 12 and 14. In the event that August 12-14, 2022 is not suitable, candidates can send an email to [email protected] State the requested date and lap number,” the NTA said.

it was there also cases of Inability to candidates finish their paper because of of Technical obstacles during the exam. Many students in the center in Delhi University has complained that they can’t complete The ‘general test paper.

“Due to technical difficulties, the general test Questions did not appear on the screen. we sat there for five hours But he could not try paper. Most people They were unable to provide their answers. We’ll have to sit down for the whole paper again “Later, he will be informed later,” candidate Harsh Chowdhury said.

Another candidate, Garima Shreya, said she could not accept test even through first phaseheld between 15-20 July, due to technical problems. “I showed up for Test Accounts, Business, English and General. This was my third attempt after server issues took place in July. Now I will appear for The exam is a fourth time with no certainty of history,” she said.

So far, the NTA has allowed 19 candidates who Missed CUET-UG in July because of last-the moment changes in Exam centers to sit for exam REPETITON.

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dp singh, who accompanied by daughter Sakshi to the examination center in Faridabad, said absence of Timely communication turned the situation into chaos. “We kept waiting until 10:30 am. Then they started letting the kids in. But just Halfway to the operation all of a sudden announced The paper has been cancelled and we will receive an email.

Meanwhile, the NTA also announced Early on Thursday that CUET-UG exams scheduled between August 4-6 in It was Kerala postponed Because of heavy rain in the state. CUET-UG scores To be used by 90 universities – 44 centers -run12 countries government-run21 private And 13 is considered – for admission of students to bachelor’s degree courses in 2022-23 session.

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