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CTD claims Saddar bombing suspect received training in Iran – Newspaper

KARACHI: Counter Terrorism DIG, Syed Khurram Ali, on On Thursday it was alleged that terrorist suspect Allah Dino, who was killed in meeting along with his accomplices in Mauripur area on Wednesday, was the mastermind of May 12 explosion in Saddar. He also claimed that Allah Dino was trained in Iran was operating according to instructions of Asghar Shah, head of the banned Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA).

ROP also claimed that Asghar Shah was alive in Iran. He said that although Iranian land is being used by militants for their actions of terrorism in Pakistan but Iran government did not participate in any such activity.

“The SRA is run from Iran but funded by the Indian agency RAW (Research and Analysis Unit),” DIG Ali said. He said RAW directly involved in funding the SRA and training its fighters.

Speech at a press conference at police headquarters in Sad, CTD DIG said Allah Dino had experience in was preparing an IED and he was involved in valid of terrorism in in past. According to DIG, he went to Iran and received training there.

Tehran denies allegations, believes third-party intention destroy Pakistani-Iranian relations

Accompanied by Sindh government Representative and Administrator of Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab and additional CTD IG Imran Yacoub Minhas, DIG also played video from a security camera showing Allah Dino walking with a bike, in which IED (Improvised Explosive Device) device) was considered fit, for five kilometers before he parked the two-wheeler in Saddar and sits at the restaurant from where he detonated the bomb with a remote the control.

“He (Allah Dino) could be seen in footage received from crime scene,” DIG said, adding that he was carrying out in attack when he saw his target, official vehicle of Pakistan Coast Guard, next to the bike. He then fled from area on a rickshaw.

ROP also played audio in he (Allah Dino) was heard receiving instructions from the SRA head Asgar Shah. He said two more militants of same network, Mohammed Sabir and Nadeem Ali Mugheri, were arrested and explosive. material taken from them. He quoted the suspects as telling investigators that the SRA fighters were paid 15,000 rupees. for Detonation of bomb on railway tracks and 50,000 rupees for saddar-like bomb attack.

Showing CCTV footage, CTD DIG said that his (Allah Dino’s) photograph in frames were clear. “In addition, we have technical and geophysical evidence indicating its presence there. Explosives seized from his custody also corresponds to the same IED that was used in explosion in Saddar,” he said.

Allah Dino lived in Gyzri area with another SRA militant, Nawab Ali, who was killed in Meeting in Mauripur, DIG said.

Wahab needs revision of pledge policy

Sindh government Spokesman Murtaza Wahab, speaking at a press conference, called on the judiciary to review the provisions of granting bail on suspects, especially those involved in anti-state activity.

He recalled that Allah Dino was arrested in 2021 but was released on pledge.

“I will ask the courts to review bail policy for suspected of involvement in such anti-state activity, given that the FIR (against Allah Dino) contained accusations of terrorist activities,” he said.

Iran denies allegations

Statement published on Thursday from the embassy of Iran categorically denied allegations that the perpetrators of terrorist bombings in Karachi may be related to Iran. He expressed regret that the allegations were made in public and in in media without providing any evidence, evidence or documents government of Iran via official means, which he said were “completely unprofessional and unacceptable”.

“Those who act in This way counts give in wrong address and project in false blame. Undoubtedly the third party wants destroy brotherly and friendly relations between Iran and Pakistan,” the statement said. He informed officials and those involved in in media don’t fall into the trap of enemies of close relationship between Iran and Pakistan.

“Dear Members of in media and truth- seeking journalists are asked follow in content only through official channels and reliable sources, as well as reflect on This is after ensuring its credibility,” the statement said.

Published in Dawn, May 20, 2022

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