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Cryptobuyer Venezuela announces the closure of the Pro exchange

Cryptobuyer Pro, the exchange created by the Cryptobuyer company, will stop operating. This was reported in a brief statement by Cryptobuyer Venezuela, a company that emerged after the purchase of the license to use the brand’s products in the South American country.

In the statement, Cryptobuyer Venezuela alleged that This decision comes after “completing the beta phase that has served to identify new options that will enhance the service and ensure maximum efficiency” for its customers.

The company did not give further details on the closure of operations or your reasons. They only reported that the termination will be effective as of October 1 , the deadline for users to withdraw the funds they have on the platform of trade of the brand.

«We are working on a solution adapted to the demands of our clients that we will announce once it is fully realized» , add the text shared by the company in its Telegram group.

Cryptobuyer statement Venezuela announcing the closing of the exchange. Source: Telegram.

How far does the Cryptobuyer Venezuela license go?

On The Telegram group itself that manages the company, some users questioned the fact that the decision fell on Cryptobuyer Venezuela , when it comes to a product created by the parent company in Panama, before the death of its founder and CEO, Jorge Farías.

During an interview with CriptoNoticias, the CEO of Cryptobuyer Venezuela, Eleazar Colmenares, confirmed that the company he heads obtained the license of products for the country. In fact, it was discharged of responsibility for the future of products such as the XPT token, since it is a creation of the company based in Panama .

However, now they make a decision about another product and there are those who wonder, as does the user @ mg_0905 in Telegram: «What did Cryptobuyer Venezuela acquire?». Others show their discontent and express another doubt: what happens in cases in which the available amount does not reach the minimum withdrawal?

At the time of writing this news, we await a response from executives from Cryptobuyer Venezuela to the request for comments from CriptoNoticias. Meanwhile, Cryptobuyer’s communication channels in Panama (Twitter or Telegram itself) have been silent for months . The CEO of the Venezuelan company himself has said that the central company abandoned the project.

Julian (@julianmendezz), one of the administrators of the Telegram group of Cryptobuyer Venezuela, alleged : «We are being responsible when informing, so that our clients in Venezuela are not harmed. And as the statement says, we are evaluating other solutions for that service here. ”

We talk about the future for Venezuela. We watch over our clients here. That is why we decided not to continue with this service for Venezuela and our team is looking for other solutions. That is why we responsibly notify our users, for those who have assets there, remove them and avoid damages. We understand that it is still difficult to differentiate … But everything we talk about has reference to Venezuela, although we do not mention it at all, we already formally inform that our operations are limited here.

@ julianmendezz, administrator of the Cryptobuyer Venezuela group on Telegram.

The representative of Cryptobuyer Venezuela added that the parent company in Panama decided to abandon the project , as Eleazar Colmenares had already argued. “And that implies all their products,” said Julián. In other words, the decision rests with Digital Factoring, the company that owns the license in Venezuela.

After conducting the evaluation and considering customer feedback, the team decided not to continue with this service and look for better alternatives that adapt to the Venezuelan market.

@ julianmendezz on Telegram, administrator of the Cryptobuyer Venezuela group.

Cryptocurrency trading paralyzed by the conversion in Venezuela

Cryptobuyer Venezuela’s statement adds that the cryptobuyer.io trading platform, which allows Venezuelans to operate with the bolivar, the local currency, will be paralyzed between Thursday, September 30 and the Monday October 3 .

The reason for this stoppage is the adaptation of the banking platforms for the currency reconversion that will come into effect in Venezuela on October 1.

As this newspaper reported, at the beginning of August it was announced that the Central Bank of Venezuela would eliminate six zeros from the local currency. It will be the third conversion of the bolivar since 2008 .

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