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Cruz, Cornyn split up on response to school massacre in Texas

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Two Senators from Texas, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, hold similar positions. on gun legislation. Both received an A+ rating from the political arm of the National Rifle Association. Both opposed efforts to tighten restrictions. on firearms, including the ban of assault rifles and limitation of sale of high-capacity magazines.

But in commemoration of Tuesday Mass Shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas second- the deadliest shooting in the K-12 school in American history – Cornyn and Cruz are markedly different in tone, playing opposite roles.

Kornin, 70 years old, statesman senior senator, was scheduled to speak at Friday’s NRA annual meeting. in Houston. He pulled out forthcoming of shooting for personal reasons requiring him in Washington, the spokesman said.

51-year-old Cruz went ahead with plans speak in event Friday. In his speech, he called the Uvalde shooting “the most ultimate nightmare for every parent blamed the democrats of striving use massacre as a pretext for “disarming the Americans”.

“In the end, as we all know, what stops an armed bad guys armed good guys,” he said.

Cruz also hailed “Border Patrol tactical unit who finally killed Uvalde monster- but did not touch on issues in the depths of the soul of authorities’ response to the shooting, including fact that the armed officers were waiting outside classes for more over 50 minutes while the shooter was still inside.

State and local legislators on both sides of passage commented on in events around the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, May 24. (Video: Adriana Usero/The Washington Post)

A day earlier, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) brought Cornyn into the negotiations. with democrats on possible but no probable gun legislation replacing former member of Leadership of the Senate of the Republican Party.

“Perhaps this will give some impetus” for compromise, Cornyn told reporters at the Capitol on Thursday. “This is terrible. It’s hard to imagine anything that could be worse than parents worrying about safety of their children go to school.

Meanwhile, Cruz was doing international headlines for running from a British journalist after being asked why there are mass shootings place “Only in America.” Exchange took place when Cruz attended the vigil in Texas for 19 children and two adults killed in massacre.

pressed on restrictions on weapons, Cruz said this week: “It’s not work. It’s not efficient. it doesn’t interfere crime”.

Ted Cruz called Mitch McConnell a liar on Senate floor

After the mass shootings in In previous years, both Cruz and Cornyn made statements that almost always omitted the mention of of guns. But Cornin – former Texas Attorney general and State Supreme Court justice who long cared for and enjoyed a strong support from gun human rights organizations are in in past was opened to work through the aisle on definite gun- related legislation.

Cornin is lead author of a bill that the NRA considers one of the most important priorities of Congress is the constitutional law on reciprocity in concealed carry, which allow gun owners who allowed to carry concealed weapons in their own state to do it in any other state as well.

Bye gun- Human rights activists say the bill is necessary to protect gun patchwork hosts of various state laws, supporters of gun control argue that the bill would effectively eliminate state laws restricting concealed carry.

Nevertheless, Kornin was a frequent and willing conversationalist. for democrats on potential gun compromises. He was, in factarchitect of the only remotely significant gun-related legislation that needs to appear in the Senate in in past decade, 2018 NICS Correction Act.

November 2017 former Air force pilot opened fire at the Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas killing more than two dozen people. The Air Force came under scrutiny after it was discovered that shooter Devin Patrick Kelly had been convicted. of domestic violence, but military never reported this conviction to the FBI for National instant criminal background check system, how it was required. If they did, Kelly couldn’t pass background checks and probably “would be deterred from wearing out church shooting,” the federal judge wrote. last year.

Months after the Sutherland Springs shooting, Cornyn united up with Democratic Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, both of Connecticut to develop and promote the Fix NICS bill to strengthen this reporting requirement for FBI background checks. system and create financial incentives for declares to do so. Then-President Donald Trump signed the bill into law. in March 2018.

The bill was carefully written and presented as strengthening of current law, not extension of It.

Murphy said when it was presented that “a lot more needs to be done”, but that the bill “represents the strongest update to background checks system in decade and provides foundation for more compromise in in future”.

While some hard-line groups such as gun owners of America has come out strongly against bill, the NRA quietly supported it, noting that it “doesn’t add Any new disqualification under federal law” and was “concerned fully with enforcement current prohibitions.”

Gun control rivals team up on Bill to fix background check database

“After the tragedy in Sutherland Springs, I swore that community do what i could so no family the school or assembly will have to go through this againCornin said. in statement at the time. “While this is not the only solution, I am confident that this bill will save lives. I’m glad for many defenders and families affected by gun violence who gathered together behind is an effort to finally fix and strengthen criminal background check system”.

However, this would not be last family school or meeting time in Texas will suffer from mass shooting. It hasn’t even been two months since in May 2018, 17-year-old student with shotgun and pistol gone on rampage at Santa Fe High School, outside Houston, killing eight students and two teachers. As well as in August 2019 Action who later said he targeted the “Mexicans”, drove to El Paso and opened fire in walmart, killing 23 people.

Cornyn was key patron of another bill aimed at federal background checks that would require the Department of Justice to notify local law enforcement. of a failed data verification within 24 hours for further investigation. This measure attracted bipartisan collaborators and was included in bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act signed by President Biden becomes law in March.

But another recent effort made by last year after Democrats won majority in the Senate and threatened pass more extensive gun control accounts, did not succumb out.

It was aimed at expanding the universe. of federal background checks by refining the definition of who is required register as a federal firearm dealer and thus process the validation data. It will go a little way to the closure of what is often called the gun show loophole” or “private seller’s loophole” which was used by some mass shootings such as the shooter who killed six people in 2019 in West Texas.

Cornyn and Murphy are engaged on topic in March 2021 and expressed optimism that the deal in vision. But several gun rights groups told their members that Cornyn was preparing to sell them out behind closed doors.

NRA is weakened, but more hardline groups fill the gap

“If John Cornyn, who represents the state of TEXAS, it already think about stabbing gun owners in in back then you know what we really in Difficult situation”, one letter from gun owners of America read.

By June, Murphy told reporters the deal simply wouldn’t go through: what Cornyn was up to give on will not “significantly increase the number of gun sales requiring background checks.” And so he died last significant bipartisan gun negotiation in Senate – until this week.

“I don’t take anything off table, except for negation people their constitutional rights who are law-abiding citizens,” Kornin said on Thursday.

Unlike Cornyn, Cruz took more combat approach in days after the massacre at Uvalda. Junior Senator from Texas Runs Badly for Republican presidential nomination in 2016 and hinted that he might submit another application in 2024. Kornin, in former Senate Republican whip was re-elected in 2020 and didn’t signal any ambition other than the possibility of someday replacing McConnell as GOP leader in the Senate.

Like a Texas lawyer general in 2008, Cruz became president of 31 states. in amicus brief opposing the county of Colombian ban on firearms. And after joining Senate in In 2013, he frequently touted his efforts to counter the Democratic-led gun proposals for control caused by mass shootings.

Last yearCruz joined more than two dozen Republicans in the House of Representatives in asks Biden administration to lift sanctions on ammunition imported from Russia, according to a letter received by The Washington Post. group blamed the administration of using sanctions as a means of imposing gun control measures and argued that this would exacerbate the shortage of ammunition.

“Until we get an answer, we will have to assume that this ban is an attempt to limit the right of Americans to bear arms – bypassing Congress to implement gun control,” they wrote.

Wednesday during the vigil for victims of Uvalde, Cruz chided a British journalist who put pressure on him for answers on why mass shootings problem in America.

“Why only in America? Why is this American exceptionalism so terrible?” journalist Mark Stone asked. of British Sky News.

“You know”I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is terrible,” Cruz replied. “You have a political agenda. God loves you”. He also accused Stone of be a propagandist.

Cruz office later defended the senator’s actions, arguing that “contrary to a reporter’s assertion that mass shootings are a uniquely American problem” shows it’s not accurate.”

“Besides not being true doing it false This argument is really useless,” Cruz’s spokeswoman Maria Jeffrey Reynolds said in a statement. She is also pointed to a law that Cruz introduced to strengthen the school safety and improve background checks.

Cruz has also was one of several Republicans have been criticized for trying to shift the focus from the number of guns in America to the number of doors in American schools.

“You want talk about horror who played out through street? Look, the killer entered here the same way the killer entered in Santa Fe – via back door unlocked back door, Cruz told reporters on Wednesday outside Robb Elementary School.

He claimed that future mass executions could have been avoided if “one the door that goes in as well as out of school [and] having armed police at that door.”

Timothy Bella, Lee Ann Caldwell and Adela Suliman contributed to this report.

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