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Crossings for migrants: more than 250 people arrive in Dover in 11 days pause in Channel crossing | UK news

254 people were discovered in small boats cross the English Channel to Great Britain on Sunday after the apparent 11 day pause in transitions reported.

Updating his scores for Sunday, ministry of The Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed the discovery of 254 migrants in Seven small boats like more people migrants were seen being brought to Dover on Bank holiday Monday.

Figure takes it years total for small boat crossings at least 6,947 in accordance with PA news agency – more than three times check of 2004 to date last yearand over six times figure of 1006 for same period in 2020.

More than 28,000 migrants have been found making the dangerous journey from France to the UK. last year – 37 of drowned, according to the International Organization for Migration – and according to the forecast, this figure will almost double up to almost 60,000 by the end of 2022.

MO took the control of transactions with migrants in April and responsibility was transferred when government announced controversial plans to send some of people traveling to Rwanda.

Previously it year Sky News reported that the Interior Ministry is investigating over cases of about 850 people to find out if the department has violated privacy laws, illegal seizure of their phones and extraction of data from them.

Arrival in An 11-day break followed in Dover. in crossings from April 20 to April 30, amid reports of strong winds and rough seas.

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Why are migrants sent to Rwanda and how will he work?

Such breaks are not unusual and usually coincide with bad weather make transitions ever more more dangerous than usual.

Two longer gaps without intersections were recorded earlier by this year before the deal with Rwanda announced, the PA reports.

Migrants are escorted in Dover Harbor aboard a Border Troops vessel after being rescued while crossing the English Channel. in Dover, UK May 1, 2022 REUTERS/Henry Nicholls
The migrants were accompanied on Sunday in vessel of the border troops after being rescued while crossing the English Channel. Photo: Reuters

The government has challenged over Rwanda plans

BUT government the representative said: rise in dangerous crossings of the English Channel are not allowed.

“This is not only an outright abuse of our immigration laws, but they also influence on UK Taxpayer, risk lives and our ability to help refugees come to the UK via safe and legal routes.”

It follows the governments new Citizenship and Borders Act Becomes Law last Thursday, allowing Home Secretary Priti Patel to do what she called “world-first” agreement with Rwanda.

The deal means that the East African country can accept asylum seekers whom the UK considers ineligible because they arrived “illegally” according to new immigration rules although these rules are already facing law challenges.

former home secretary and prime minister Theresa May was among them. who criticized plans on grounds of “legality, practicality and efficiency”, telling deputies that she was afraid it might split up families and increase traffic of women and children.

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