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“Crazy” hose ban rules keep in mind people with new lawns can still water the grass

Hose ban rules were called “crazy” on Sunday as it turns out people with freshly laid lawns could still use them to water the grass.

About 3.5 million people were banned using hoses in them homes wash cars or replenish gardens in drought conditions. It happens when Britain gets ready for another heat, with highs of up up to 35C expected this week.

South East Water is introducing a hose ban from Friday. with in move after the ban on southern waters, which took effect force last a week.

However, the Telegraph learned that there is a murder of exceptions to the rules, which experts warn lead to confusion and inconsistency.

The hoses can still be used to water a freshly laid lawn. in gardens for 28 days after sowing help install them”, Southeast water website says, adding: “We would like to ask, possible wait for cooler weather lie new lawn when we expect to see demand for water reduce”.

hot baths also released but swimming pools and there are no swimming pools, management says. There are other exceptions for washing out trash can cleaning inside of boat and watering potted plants.

Caroline Gould, Head of South East Water’s Head of Legal said: “Restrictions under the Water Resources Act 1991 apply to domestic swimming and rowing. poolsrather than hot baths. We believe this is due to the jacuzzi while watching. more as baths, the activities of which are not limited.

“So we ask our customers to think about using them and wait until it gets cooler. weather as well as demand for water reduces for any water use it is not essential or necessary.”

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