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crashland training aircraft on Field, the pilot maintains a minor injury

A 22-yearA female cadet pilot sustained minor injuries after being shot trainer Aircraft from private The flight academy she was flying in, crash-real estate on area in Indapur Taluka of Pune District on Monday morning.

Union Minister for The Civil Aviation Authority, Jyotiraditya Scindia, said an investigation had been launched by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to make sure cause of the incident. While the plane crashed less than 100 feet from the nearest one house on The farm has not reported any injuries on Earth.

Locals told The Indian Express that Monday more Airplanes were seen flying at that time of The accident that the police believe he was a part of of The sortie from the same training institution Carver Aviation.

admin of police for Abinav Deshmukh said: “A trainer Planes of Carver Aviation crash-real estate on Farm in Kadbanwadi Village in Indapur Taluka of Pune district around 11:30 AM. A 22-yearTrainee pilot Bhavika Rathod was slightly injured in the incident. She was taken to the hospital in Near Chilgaon Village. Carver Airlines employees have arrived at the place… We also Deploy adequate police force to secure the site.

Rathod was piloting the plane, and he of Cessna 152 made alone.

Police officials said the plane was taken off From the runway near Baramati where Carver Aviation . operates trainer Planes.

Vibhav Shah, who He defined himself as financial in-Cost with Carver said to Aviation in Text of a statement sent to The Indian Express, “Academy of Carver Aviation C-152 (VT – ALI) crash Landed at Kadbanwadi, Shelgaon, Taluka Indapur, Pune Province. The trainee pilot is fine and no injuries. It is being investigated by concerned government  Section, Sections.”

Beraba Latour in-Cost of Walchandnagar Police Station, which has jurisdiction over The areahe said, “While the General Directorate of Civil Aviation will conduct its investigations into the accident, the case of of The accident will be recorded at the police station pending investigation into causes. Further work will be initiated on the basis of on the findings of probe”.

Police officials said the plane crashed in A field owned by Dada Paraty, a farmer from Kadpanwadi. The place It is located about 17 km from the city of Indapur and 120 km from Pune city.

Santosh Chingadi, Kadpanwadi Resident, Police Officer – Local Revenue Department employee who also as a point of Call for The police department said, “I was standing less than a kilometer away in My farm when the plane crashed in Dada Paraty field. While he was crashing, we could see two more hovering planes over us At the same time. After the crash, these two planes kept flying for long time. some houses of Local farmers are less than meters from the crash site. nearest pool of The houses are less than one kilometer away.”

According to primary information with The police, the other two planes seen flying at the same time were from Carver Aviation, and those who escorted the plane on His flight and then watched the crashed plane.

CHENGED added“By the time we got to the place, some villagers had arrived already take the pilot out. We were told that she was dizzy at first but started to feel better in sometimes. We asked her to come to the hospital because she had a shin injury. we took her to a local hospital in villager car. Meanwhile, we have informed the officials from Indapur Police Station. they teams Then he arrived and secured the perimeter. They had to disperse a large number of Local people who They gathered around the wrecked plane.”

Inspector Thom Mojavar of Indapur Police Station said, “Police have arrived know About the accident after I called a local village informed us About a plane crash. Teams have been sent and area It was secured after the spectators dispersed who gathered. Our first priority was to do this sure He did not hurt any of the locals in No minor accidents, such as a fire. “

Cindia said in a tweet after the accident: “The trainee plane crash in Indapur, Pune District, is a pity. No deaths have been reported. calling for The recovery of The injured pilot, Mrs. Bhavika Rathod. DGCA launched an investigation to confirm cause of the incident.”

General Director of Civil Aviation Arun Kumar said power Was suspected to be a loss behind The Plane crash.

In a similar incident in February 2019, a trainee pilot was injured during an attack practice sortie in Cessna 172 Skyhawk of Carver to fly after the plane crash in A village near the town of Indapur after an engine failure.

Carver Aviation, registered in the name of the Academy of Carver Aviation Private Ltd . was established in August 1995, according to website. The institution conducts training programs for pilots and in also included with Planes maintenance engineering. training activities of Construction is taking place of a runway, hanger, arena, control tower and hangar near Pramati.

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