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Covid-19 under control in region

Rawalpindi: none confirmed patient of coronavirus disease, COVID-19, related to Rawalpindi district, is being treated in a medical facility, while a positive result rate of infection in the district was registered as 1.1 percent for in last four weeks showing that the spread of COVID-19 is much slower in district compared to other districts of country.

Number of Cases of COVID-19 on in rise in number of cities in However, in Pakistan, the infection can also be called controlled. in this is region of country. There are 1136 patients registered in the Islamabad Capital Territory. in in last four weeks until the virus took one of life from the federal capital since July 1, while 254 cases were reported from Rawalpindi in july bye one patient lost his life due to illness.

Data collected by “News” on Friday shows all 75 ventilators allocated for patients with COVID-19 in The Rawalpindi area is empty, eight suspects have been hospitalized, although none of they were confirmed positive for coronavirus disease before filing of this report.

positive rate of COVID-19 in ICT accounts for about three to four percent in in last the month that also much lower than in large cities in province of Sindh. outside of 466 beds allocated for patients with COVID-19, only 24 people were employed on Thursday of what two patients were on fans. 66 ventilators are available. in federal capital on Friday.

51 people tested positive for coronavirus. region in in last 24 hours including 12 from Rawalpindi and 39 from ICT. From total of 43,615 patients who positive test result in Rawalpindi area since its inception of COVID-19 in Pakistan in 2020 1336 patients died. of illness, while 42,177 recovered, while of 137,331 patients with COVID-19 registered using ICT, 1027 people died.

COVID-19 has claimed only two lives from this region of country in in first four weeks of July.

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