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COVID-19 positive rate approaching 4% in Pakistan

A man wears a protective mask, supporting social distance with others when they gather to celebrate Eid al-Fitr prayers to mark the end of holy month of fasting of Ramadan like a flash of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues in Peshawar, Pakistan, May 13, 2021 – Reuters/File
  • Pakistan reports 620 new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours.
  • New infections raise Pakistan’s coronavirus positivity rate to 3.71%.
  • Four people die from COVID-19, and 588 people recover overnight.

COVID-19 positivity rate in Pakistan rose to almost 4% in in one day, as the country registered 620 new cases in in last 24 hoursNational Institute of Health, Islamabad (NIH) data showed on Wednesday morning.

new infections were discovered after testing on 16,704 samples, which increased the coronavirus positivity rate in Pakistan to 3.71%, and the number of total cases up to 1,551,871.

meanwhile 588 people recovered from COVID-19 while four others died from it during the course of treatment by taking pakistan coronavirus death up to 30,474 people.

However 191 people still in critical condition, according to NIH.

After new recoveries and deaths active The number of COVID-19 cases overnight increased to 7,660.

What is the COVID BA.5 variant and why is it re-infecting so many people?

BA5, part of Omicron family is latest coronavirus variant cause wide waves of infections around the world.

According to the latest report from the World Health Organization, behind 52% of cases sequenced in end of June up from 37% in one a week. In the United States, it is estimated to cause about 65% of infections.

Rising case numbers

BA5 no new. First identified in January, WHO has been tracking him since April.

this is a related variant of the Omicron strain that has dominated the world since the end of 2021 and has already caused spikes in morbidity, even with reduced testing – in countries including South Africa where she was first found and the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and Australia.

Cases of coronavirus infection in the world already rising for four weeks in in a row, WHO data showed.

Why is it spreading?

Like its close relative, BA4, BA5 especially good evading immunity protection as a result of vaccination or previous infection.

For this reason”BA5 has growth advantage over other sub-lines of Omicrons that circulate,” Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO Technical Officer. lead on COVID-19 said news briefing on Tuesday.

For many people, meaning that they are re-infected, often even shortly after being infected with COVID-19. Van Kerkhove said the WHO is evaluating the reports of repeated infections.

“We have ample evidence that people who was infected with Omicron get infected with BA5. No doubt,” said Gregory Poland, a virologist and vaccine researcher. with mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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