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Court extends Imran’s bail in case of terrorism


Anti-Terrorist Court (ATS) on Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) head Imran Khan was released on bail on Thursday until September 12. on guarantee of 100,000 rupees in case of terrorism against his.

Hearing of the case began around 10 a.m. but was delayed until noon after ATC ordered former prime minister to stand trial for his pledge plea hearing.

Imran Khan arrived at Islamabad ATC under heightened security and the trial began under the direction of Judge Raja Javad Abbas, who ordered the prosecutor to grant the PTI chairman temporary bail in four new accusations added to first information report (FIR) in a business.

Pledge on in new position was granted against connection of Rs 100,000 as Imran’s lawyer Babar Awan guaranteed that the deposed prime minister bail was given for all sections on which he was charged with terrorism.

When the hearing resumed, Awan told the judge that “Imran Khan has arrived in the courtroom. on your orders.”

He asked if Imran Khan threatened to “burn someone to deathand claimed that the lawyers in in past was tortured, but no action was taken, however, “a case of terrorism was initiated.” made against in former prime minister.”

At the same time, the judge stated that final arguments will be heard in in next hearing and adjourned the case until 12 September.

“Becoming more dangerous’

Among the questions from media personnel after hearing of case, Imran Khan noticed that he was becoming “more dangerous during the day. He, however, did not answer questions about what he becomes dangerous. for.

He claimed to be explaining “everything” today at his rally in Sargodha.

Imran’s life danger’

During the hearing earlier today, former premiere counsel Avan was put on trial, and journalists and other lawyers were banned from entering the court complex.

The court noted that Imran Khan should stand trial. in man, to which Awan stated that the Islamabad police had informed the PTI leader that his life in danger.

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ATC judge Abbas said that the arguments for the petition for release on bail will be considered today, and the prosecutor asked the court to introduce the accused, after which the court will continue its work.

The court ordered to read of threatened statement for in record of a business.

The judge asked the prosecutor if charges of terrorism without crime had ever been filed, arguing that the court was usually informed of weapon involved.

Imran’s lawyer asked the court give they have until 12 noon to bring the head of the PTI to court. However, he warned that if something happened to his client, the inspector general as well as director inspector general of operations will be carried outresponsible”.

The court asked that danger Imran faced adding that he had previously been released on bail.

“If the court gave him bail, that’s his duty stand trial,” the judge remarked, to which Avan repeated that Imran wanted come but the police personnel said his life was in danger.

Counsel also stated that four additional sections – sections 504, 506, 186 and 188 – were added in in terror case against Imran and begged the court to post bail for him for also these provisions.

Judge Abbas stated that the court issue notifications in in this respect.

Subsequently, the anti-terrorism court adjourned the hearing until noon and summoned Imran Khan.

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It is noteworthy that former prime minister was absent from court during the interlocutory bail hearing on 22 August.

upcoming of Imran Khan’s appearance in The ATC has stepped up security measures. made with 527 police personnel deployed. Police blocked way to court by installing barbed wire and forbidding entry of unrelated people.

PTI leaders are “law-abiding” people’

The party’s former ruling party leaders Senator Faisal Javed, Kanwal Shauzab and Ali Nawaz Awan arrived at the court before the start of the hearing.

talking to media personnel Faisal Javed said that Imran Khan’s life was in danger and that this treatment of someone who was government in several provinces were “sad”.

He claimed that the PTI members and leader were “law-abiding”. peopleand Imran was charged with terrorism for “picking it up voice against torture”.

Ali Awan said people watch what would happen if Imran was arrested, wondering what Pakistan’s image would be in front of world.

He claimed that “the terrorism case was registered against that man who raised his voice for world, who raised his voice against Islamophobia” and stated that his party didn’t have made political affair against anyone.

“If in Pakistan real The leader after Quaid-e-Azam is Imran Khan,” said Ali Awan.


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