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Could all Trump interviews be this way?

Mr. Kimmel praised NDTV for fact- Verify the allegations of the Republican leader.

New Delhi:

NDTV’s world exclusive with former US President Donald Trump was mentioned by famous American host Jimmy Kimmel in The latest episode of talking show.

in show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mr. Kimmel invites Politicians and politicians for interviews and also deliver a soliloquy on current affairs.

In a recent episode, Mr. Kimmel mentioned an NDTV interview with Praised Mr. Trump news Channel for fact- Verify the allegations of the Republican leader.

cut in half of In the interview, Kimmel showed NDTV journalist Srinivasan Jain asking Mr Trump if he would do it. run against President Joe Biden again.

Mr Trump replied: “Well, in Polls, I leading Much. I think I beat him easily. I think I beat it last time. I don’t think… If you look at the numbers, you look at what happened. I beat him a lot. The last time. I have a lot millions of more votes last time what i did first time. you know in 2016, we ran great campaign. But I ran better campaign in 2020. “

NDTV fact-Check this claim by placing it on the spot up Figures from the 2020 US presidential election that clearly showed Joe Biden getting 306 electoral colleges votes While Mr. Trump can only manage 232.

Could it be all Trump interviews like this? “Mr. Kimmel shouted.” Because he makes a clearly false statement and clip to disprove it. “

Mr Trump’s claim of for him social media venture Social fact “works very well” was also fact- checked by NDTV, with The financial FSA results and media Reports show that social media Platform in Grand financial Trouble, loss of an estimated $ 6 million in The first six This is months year.

Mr. Kimmel is an outspoken critic of The former The President of the United States routinely fetches him up on in late Time of night show for discussion on issues associated with it.

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